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Wedding photography at Legacy Thatchers Hotel, Leatherhead – Tom & Rachel Foster

A very early start for me as I wanted to be with the girls for an 8am kick off and I had an hours drive to Bracknell first!  So, a lovely weather forecast of rain all day meant I had to pack my creative head, but I’m a photographer in the UK so adverse weather is second nature to me after all these years and hundreds of weddings!  Luckily the boys were getting ready 10mins away from the girls so it was easy to flit between the two homes catching the usual manic bridal preps and chilled out groomsmen doing their usual thing.  Then it was the drive to The Legacy Thatchers Hotel in East Horsley nr. Leatherhead (nee Ramada Hotel) in torrential rain, brain spinning at 100mph with contingency plans (or was it the four cups of tea caffeine rush?).  A great ceremony followed by drinks in the bar and then the sun broke through the rain clouds to bathe Thatcher’s in glorious sunlight- so true to form, I grabbed the pair of them and dragged them outside to shoot some really kool stuff around the grounds of Thatchers’s and just outside (great little spot down the road) before the weather turned.  The autumnal colours of October glowed in the surprise sunlight and Tom and Rachel played up to the camera which was great for me as it makes my job a dream!  Their Wedding Breakfast room was decorated with splashes of autumn colours, leaves and pinecones and the food and speeches went without a hitch and time just flew with Rachel dancing all evening, dragging Tom and his brothers on to the dance floor also.  A fantastic fun-filled wedding day with a true party spirit, a great couple and a very helpful venue made the day an absolute pleasure to be part of- cheers guys… 🙂

Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Laurie & Nicola Montague

Another 8am start for me up at the fantastic Old Thorns shooting the bridal preps in the spacious Surrey Suite- it is so nice shooting with a large open space to work in, I highly recommend the Suites at Old Thorns!  So we had a great time, the fizz was flowing, the girls were all in great spirits, hair and makeup went without a hitch and we were all running on time with no panic!  The boys were doing the usual boy thing which involved Stella and football (well it was the start of the football season) so they were kept happy too!  A beautiful ceremony in The Atrium (Champagne Bar) accompanied by a string quartet, followed by drinks and then Stuart and I whisked them away for a tour of Old Thorns’ fantastic golf course stopping off obviously in some of my favourite spots to let me do my thing- thanks again to Stu for being my lighting assistant!  Laurie & Nic had a lovely Wedding Breakfast in the Grand Ballroom followed by speeches (hoping someone filmed that- classic comment!!) sweet buffet and outstanding evening buffet and plenty of drinking and dancing going on all night.  Another fantastic wedding and as always my thanks go to Old Thorns for looking after me as always- cheers Stu- and to Laurie & Nic for choosing me for their special day, an honour as always… 🙂

Wedding photography at The Alverbank Hotel, Alverstoke – Gary & Kerrie Wells

Gary & Kerrie renewed their vows on their 10th Wedding Anniversary back at The Alverbank Hotel and Kerrie had the works; new bling, shiny ring, vintage car, bouncy castle, magician, hog roast, chocolate fountain, sweet bar, casino and of course me for the entire day!  Gary had an ice cream van.  But it was Kerrie’s birthday and Gary does love an ice cream so all seemed fair.  At least Gary was ready on time, not sure if it was 10yrs of Kerrie training or because he was so late 10yrs previous (the boys were still drinking beer in the bar wearing jeans when Kerrie arrived on their wedding day!!!)  Anyway, Gary & Kerrie made me very welcome on the day and I was under strict instructions to join in the fun.  So I did my usual running around in the morning catching the girls scoffing pastries and Champagne in-between hair and makeup and also the boys struggling with adjusting cravats and waistbands in-between pints of beer, the usual stuff!  A lovely blessing/renewal with their own written vows and a few tears, Kerrie was finally allowed her new ring (she was so excited for it!) and Gary was surprised with a personalised plate for his car from Kerrie, which he actually took his hands out of his pockets for!!  Drinks followed and then the tones of an ice cream van were heard, Gary was drawn to the sound and proceeded to draw ice creams for everyone and scoffed a few for himself.  I managed to drag them away for some quiet time down the beach before the lure of food dragged them back again (via the bouncy castle) and on into the evening with music, chocolate, sweets, hog roast and plenty of dancing…a fantastic day and a lovely couple… 🙂