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Wedding photography at The Solent Hotel, Whiteley – Kevin & Nic Clark

Hideous weather forecast for Kevin & Nic’s wedding day held at The Solent Hotel in Whiteley, but as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, this is not the first time I’ve met this scenario- after shooting hundreds of weddings in the UK, one does have experience of this!!  Anyway moving on, had a bit of a switch around yesterday as I was shooting the men first before heading on to The Solent Hotel to catch Nic, so promptly at 09:30h I arrived at Kevin’s to enjoy a cup of tea and bacon sandwich and to laugh at their hangovers- won’t go into that here but let’s just say they were rather rambunctious the previous evening (Kevin and his two sons/Best Men) so Kevin’s planned morning of Brandy and cigarettes became tea and bacon butties to wash down the paracetamol!!  Left the men with a large smile at their condition and headed on to The Solent Hotel to catch Nic and her bridal preps.  Kevin managed a brandy pre-ceremony (hero) and their ceremony room looked lovely as Nic strolled down the aisle in her red wedding gown!!!  Lovely ceremony followed by drinks and delicious canapés and it was umbrella time for a quick shoot outside under cover and then quickly back inside for some more shots around the fire snuggled on a sofa.  After a lovely Wedding Breakfast and simple speeches, the sweet buffet was opened, the DJ cranked up the music, drinks flowed, hot curry evening buffet was served, and Nic and her friends danced the night away whilst Kevin did his best to finish off the hotel’s brandy supply from the previous evening.  Another great wedding, only one more to go for 2013…  🙂

Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Jamie & Becky McGillick

COLD!!  Earliest start of the year for Jay & Becky’s wedding as a starting time of 07:30h and a drive to Lindford in the dark was on the menu, but it was ok as I knew they were both super-chilled and up for a laugh so had been looking forward to this shoot.  Becky had just started her bridal preps when I got there as a 12:00h Church ceremony meant an early start for all, so kit put together, makeup laid out and hair stuff set up, I set about making tea whilst I waited- much needed at that time of the morning on a cold, damp day in November!  So whilst my tea was steeping, I dug out all of Becky’s wedding stuff and set about shooting her dress, jewellery, purple corseted Ugg Boots (fantastic bridal footwear for a cold day) et al.  Bit frenetic with the timescale but we made it to the church (St. Mary’s in Bramshott) in plenty of time to shoot Jay and his large party of Groomsmen.  Jay is a Commando so was suited very smartly in his dress uniform and medals whilst his entourage were suited’n’booted in the usual tails.  I had some creative cropping to do at the church as the entire outside of the building was covered in scaffolding, boards and nets- thankfully the scaffolding on the inside had recently been removed so the interior space was light and airy…phew… Jay is also a bit of a fellow petrol head and had arrived in a trio of Fiesta RS’ (one of which was his own) in each of the three available colours, whilst Becky was chauffeured in a new black Mustang which is her favourite car.  A lovely ceremony and an opportunity for me to shoot outside with low sunlight dappling through ancient trees (avoiding scaffolding!) before jumping in the cars and heading in convoy to Old Thorns- I still beat them there!  Did a quick car shoot with Jay and Becky included before parking the cars up and bundling them into the 6-seater golf buggy for a whistle-stop tour of the glorious grounds that surround the golf course.  Gosh it was cold out there, but Jay was warm in his uniform, I was busy shooting and Becky was an awesome trooper wearing just her stunning Justin Alexander dress and faux fur Bolero.  I had free reign to shoot as I pleased and they both played up to the camera looking stunning.  I had also planned to stroll around Old Thorns’ interior spaces later on in the evening, as I usually do, and knew they were both up for this too, so I let them enjoy their Wedding Breakfast in the Hampshire Suite whilst I took myself off to the Sports Bar for a bite to eat myself.  Meal and speeches completed, we put together a few relaxed family and friends groups as Jay wanted to ‘loosen his collar’ so to speak, so we nailed those and hit the dance floor for drunken revelry (them not me!)  I finished off my day by taking them outside for some creative night shots to finish of their Collection and drove home with a big smile on my face from another awesome wedding up at Old Thorns.  Huge thanks as always to the staff of Old Thorns who look after me and of course to Jamie & Becky for choosing me to be a big part of their special day… “Roger…”  😉