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Wedding photography at DeVere New Place, Shedfield – Shane & Rachel Weekes

Oh my, yesterday was tiring- awesome though!  What a way to end our 2013 wedding season, on the very last day of the year, New Year’s Eve…  Shane and Rachel had their fabulous day at DeVere’s New Place just up the road from us (well, a short 15min drive) a fantastic stunning venue if you are reading this and venue hunting is on your to-do-list.  Anyway back to yesterday… Long day for me as I had an 08:30h start and had planned on staying to catch the seeing in of the New Year (Shane and Rachel were unaware of this but I thought it would be a nice touch and make a fitting end to their Collection) for the complete story of their day. So, started early and the girls had their first bottle of fizz opened by 9am!  I had plenty of time to shoot relaxed as the ceremony in the Bristol Room wasn’t until 1pm (which looked amazing by the way!) The girls did leave it until the last minute to be ready though and she kept Shane waiting for 10 minutes.  Lovely ceremony though and drinks afterwards in the warm.  Although it was a dark, grey, damp day, I managed to pick a time slot and set up my gear outside when it wasn’t drizzling and Rachel donned her faux fur wrap and outside we went.  The grounds of New Place were completely sodden so I kept them out front using the main house and gates as my various backdrops and I even managed to coax some smiles from Shane (he’s not the world’s number one fan of smiling for the camera) so I was happy with that.  Shane and Rachel really welcomed me into the day, even sitting me on a friends table to join in with the Wedding Breakfast which is always a welcome bonus!  After a lovely meal and the speeches, I found the coffee machine, quaffed five cups of tea to keep me going until the following year and set about shooting drunken friends and family, all in very good spirits I add, in various stages of fancy dress from using the ShutterBooth that Shane and Rachel had hired.  Their DJ fired up his rig and the dance floor quickly filled and only emptied once, when we did a sparkler tunnel for Shane and Rachel, before filling up again.  Midnight arrived so quickly and party poppers were fired as well as the DJ’s glitter canon and everyone hugged and kissed as we saw in the New Year together.  A wonderful day and huge thanks to Shane and Rachel and Rachel’s Mum Rebecca and Garry who are ‘tying the knot’ in May and are using all the same suppliers- FANTASTIC 🙂