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Wedding photography at Audleys Wood Hotel, Basingstoke – Avi & Sarah Govind

Last minute wedding commission alert…!  We picked this commission up basically from being awesome at Phill and Amanda’s wedding a few days ago!  Avi’s Best Man, Andy, is Amanda’s brother-in-law and he text Avi during the day about me (Avi and Sarah had been recently let down by their photographer) so I was chatting to Avi on Monday and booked them on Tuesday- the wedding was Wednesday…  Anyway moving on to their day.  They had Basingstoke Registry Office booked for midday for an intimate ceremony and during this the heavens opened (this was not forecast).  Ok then, not a problem as I’m used to this, but a shame never-the-less as I had some great ideas for shooting them at Audleys Wood Hotel afterwards.  We were lucky though as the rain had stopped by the time we were ready to venture outside the Registry Office.  It’s rather a kool looking building so I just had to shoot a few relaxed shots there before moving on to Audleys Wood where the happy couple were celebrating with friends and family.  En route the sun broke through and bathed us in warm sunshine- epic!  Plan A back in effect and Avi, Sarah and I went for a stroll around the grounds to capture some natural and relaxed portraiture of them.  Great venue, very helpful staff and thanks to Avi and Sarah (and Andy of course!)  🙂

Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Phill & Amanda West

What can I say about last weekends wedding up at the fantastic Old Thorns Manor Hotel nr Liphook?  For starters Phill and Amanda were (and are I should add!) totally chilled about the whole day (ok, so Phill had a few nerves prior!) and the weather… hottest day of the year so far, sun was shining, Old Thorns grounds had dried out and all was good.  I had the luxury of a lay-in as Amanda’s hair/makeup crew weren’t starting until 10am, so I rocked up wide awake without gasping for a cuppa/caffeine hit for a change!  Both Phill and Amanda stayed at Old Thorns the previous night so flitting between both camps was effortless, Amanda just chillin’ back in her suite and Phill running around making sure everything was to his exacting standard- I do like an eye for detail.  They were married in the stunning Atrium (Champagne Bar) and had a drinks reception on the terrace as the weather was just fabulous.  I did my usual dragging them off around the scenic golf course with the help of Stuart- cheers Stu as always- and stopped off at some of my favourite spots along the way.  Their Wedding Breakfast was held in the Grand Ballroom, which Phill had overseen so efficiently, and went without a hitch as always thanks to the excellent Old Thorns crew.  Lots of dancing and drinking was the flavour of the evening and I left late into the evening happy to have been a part of Phill and Amanda special day… 🙂

Dare I say Spring is upon us?

Could it be that Spring is nearly upon us?  The Daffs are blooming, the sun is shining, the temperature is heading in the right direction and it’s not raining…today… Could it be that our wettest winter since records began has passed or is at least ebbing?  I hope so as Spring brings a smile…

So what is new at HQ?  Not a lot actually, but all our weddings are edited and up to date and I’m working my way through a stack of album orders whilst trying to keep up with the various online social aspects necessary for these times.  So no new and exciting news to report but a happy Chris Such looking forward to Spring and our next wedding next weekend up at the awesome Old Thorns Manor Hotel.

TTFN and keep smilin’ people… 🙂 x