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Wedding photography at Tithe Barn, Hampshire – Lloyd & Jay

Long day.  Hot day.  Tiring day.  Bloody great day.  Bloody lovely couple.  Bloody fab friends and family.  Bloody awesome venue.  I love shooting at Tithe Barn, Hampshire- it’s one of the most versatile and photogenic venues in our locale so it’s always a treat to shoot here and Lloyd & Jay’s wedding day was no exception.  Anyway I’m running away with myself here, let’s rewind a few hours… so another early start at Jay’s Mum’s pad- a sprawling property on a private estate deep in the woods at Droxford, loads of room for everyone to spread out and chill, drink, eat, drink, relax, drink, mooch about, drink and generally drink.  Did I mention a couple of early drinks to start the day?  So I was on stills duty and eventually Clive Jackson the video supremo rocked up like a rock star to take care of the moving picture shizz.  I say rocked up like a rock star, I don’t mean wearing sunglasses and rocking an entourage- I mean hot, bothered and grumpy…!!  Only joking, I always tease Jackson and he wouldn’t be in our Supplier Corner recommended list if he didn’t offer a serious top-notch pro service (like every supplier in our ‘Corner’).  Anyway, Jackson baiting aside, we shot some great morning moments and I got my details which I always love to shoot.  Lloyd and his dudes were busy decorating Tithe Barn under strict supervision from event pro Kathy, so I was allowed to stay with the girls all morning and catch up with the lads later on at the barn.  A very personal and touching ceremony was followed by a flowing alcoholic drinks reception on the lawns with a live saxophonist vibing out some mellow tunes and a huge inflatable slide (like 3 storey high huge!) for all the kids.  I shot a load of naturals, a couple of formals and went for a stroll with Lloyd and Jay to grab a quickie portrait session before the usual Wedding Breakfast and speeches got under way.  After the laughs and bubbles (alcoholic variety) I shot a few more formals in the cooling evening.  I was planning on shooting another session of portraits of the happy couple in the setting sun but the chief bridesmaid accidently tore the train off Jay’s dress…. yes!!!  Mmm, not a kool thing to happen but I always carry safety pins for emergencies and the setting sun was missed with emergency dress repairs taking priority. 24 safety pins later and praying and the train was reattached in time for cake chopping and the dancing commenced.  Lots of boogying later I managed to coax them back outside for a final 10min portrait session to end my Collection.  Dave & Phil the ShutterBooth brothers (also in our Supplier Corner) had also captured the crazy drunken antics so alongside Clive and our footage, Lloyd & Jay had complete coverage of their awesome day.  Huge thanks as always to the Tithe Barn crew and all of the other pro suppliers who helped make Lloyd & Jay’s day run smoothly.  See ya all again soon 🙂 x

Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Hampshire – Matt & Sam

Here’s yet another wedding from Old Thorns!  Yes, I know it’s of no surprise to hear me saying that again, seeing as we are the recommended photographers for this amazing and versatile venue!!  Anyway, I’m not on commission to sell them so I best crack on waxing about the fantastic wedding of Matt & Sam.  I’d recently shot a portrait session with Matt & Sam down in the dunes of Hayling Island and had made them up a signing board to use at their wedding reception instead of a guest book, so rocking up early at Old Thorns to shoot them again was even easier as the fun/banter just continued.  The lovely Annette from Elegance was on hair and makeup duties for the morning so lots of fun was to be had as always and us pros know how to help things run smoothly- oh the benefits that come with choosing proper pros to help your wedding day run smoothly!!!  Whilst I’m shooting all my bridal and groom preps and those details I love to shoot, the super-team of Mrs.Bouquet and Little Details were busy dressing The Atrium for Matt & Sam’s ceremony and The Hampshire Suite for their Reception afterwards- everything looked amazing as always.  Matt & Sam both looked awesome, Matt with his shoes (all about the shoes Matt..) and Sam with her dress.  Ceremony was bathed in natural light and then everyone chilled on the terrace with alcoholic beverages which was perfect for me to shoot a stack of naturals, before dragging them off around the fantastic grounds of the golf course to hunt down my secluded fave spots to shoot my couple portraits.  Speeches, food, chilling in the low sun,shooting formals in the glowing light of sunset, catching Sean Boon the Magician amaze the guest with his charlatan tricks and of course all the dancing in the evening.  And as usual, I took Matt & Sam off for some night-time portraits to round off my collection.  An awesome day, with awesome people and a bunch of pros who are all in our ‘recommended corner’ here at CSiHQ doing their thing to make Matt & Sam’s wedding day a blast.  Thanks everyone 🙂 x

Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Hampshire – Ross & Lauren

Another fantastic day up at Old Thorns shooting Ross and Lauren’s wedding- I do love shooting weddings up there as you can see from our Client Area and previous Blog posts!  So then, back to the wedding… usual early start to catch the bridal preps with the beauty duties being taken care of by the wonderful Kerrie of Baytree Beauty fame, and everything ran smoothly (as smoothly as wedding mornings go!) so I had plenty of time to catch all the preps and shoot all the detail stuff that I love to capture.  Luckily Ross and his gang were staying on site also so was easy for me to catch them in the gym and getting ready also- it’s all part of the story that I love to capture.  They held their ceremony in the cosy Hampshire Suite with all the flowers and room decorations lovingly created by fabulous Micah Mrs.Bouquet and although Lauren was a couple of minutes late, causing Ross to nervously keep checking his watch, all was eventually kool and the happy married couple emerged into bright sunshine outdoors for a drinks reception with their guests before Justina and I took them off for a jaunt around the stunning grounds to shoot in my fave spots.  The rest of the day was awesome also with some fun formals, a great Wedding Breakfast and plenty of dancing into the evening.  I finished off my collection as usual with a 10min night portrait sesh before saying my goodbyes and driving home to download my head.  Fabulous day, cheers to the OT crew as always for looking after me and look forward to catching up with the happy couple when they return from their honeymoon to come along to CSiHQ to view their Wedding Collection.. 🙂 x

Wedding photography, Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Matt & Hana

Well that was a wet’n’windy wedding day yesterday up at Old Thorns for Matt & Hana’s wedding!  But it was all kool as Old Thorns is such a versatile venue with interesting places to shoot indoors and plenty of space to mooch about in quietly.  I photographed Hana’s Mehndi/Henna evening a couple of days ago so I was part of the gang when I rocked up early in the morning to catch my bridal preps.  Luckily Matt was also getting ready at Old Thorns so it was just a case of flitting between both rooms catching the morning details I love to capture.  All went to plan and then off to the Hampshire Suite where their ceremony was held.  A drinks reception followed before the heavens opened so everyone sat down for the Wedding Breakfast.  I’d been following the weather forecast and there was a break due so fingers crossed as I took a calculated risk and decided to shoot the Bride & Groom portraits afterwards.  I did get a weather break and dragged them outside for a brief portrait sesh before the weather turned again, but I wasn’t bothered as I know some great locations inside which I shot later in the evening, after the cake, after all the dancing.  Now the dancing was amazing!  Darren the DJ was mixing Bangra for most of the night and the dance floor was awash with bright colours- awesome it was!!  Doorknob/lightbulb… Fantastic fun, great day… 🙂

Mehndi photography, Hampshire – Hana Patel

Just got back from my first Mehndi evening.  Alpa came down from North London and I can see why Hana wanted her- amazing freehand henna artist!  I had to keep reminding myself to use my camera instead of being mesmerised by the intricacy of Alpa’s designs!  Anyway, in two days time I’ll be photographing Hana again, this time on her wedding day where she and Matt will marry.  Awesome, can’t wait.  Right editing to do, catch ya next time… 🙂