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Wedding photography at Langstone Hotel, Hampshire – Dave & Jemma

Willy Wonka themed wedding on a bright sunny day at the fab Langstone Hotel.  Dave and Jemma were great fun to shoot and the weather was fantastic- warm at 9am!!  Rocked up at Jemma’s parent house early to drink tea as I knew Annette from Elegance was on hair and makeup duties and she likes to start EARLY!  I got there before her!  So even more tea was consumed and I shot my details and a stack of naturals before Annette turned up to creat her hair masterpieces and war paint fantasticness.  I popped out mid-morning to go catch Dave and his best man getting their style on back at home.  Dave is a huge ‘Scarface’ fan and has a kool canvas on the lounge wall which I just had to use for a kool portrait of Dave.  I’m hoping he orders a huge canvas of him with his huge canvas- fingers crossed as I think it’d look awesome on their wall (Jemma, you know it will look awesome!).  So, Dave done, it was back to catch the final acts of bridal preps before rushing through the legendary Portsmouth traffic to beat my Bride to the church- St. James’ in Milton on this occassion… gotta love Portsmouth traffic on a hot Saturday and parking in sidestreets 3 bijillion miles away from the church and having to run with all my gear, only to arrive just as Jemma was- PHEW!!!  So a sweaty 5mins in the cooling church whilst Jemma sorted herself out, making use of the time shooting Dave again and trying to find a spot amongst the video guy’s 4 cameras… (a mini-rant for another time) and a beautiful Bride elegantly glided down the aisle to a chilled out Groom and the church shizz commenced.  A kool Vicar is always a bonus and I had free reign to shoot whatever I wanted (except that was tricky as there was video camers everywhere!!) but I nailed some good angles, captured some great images and BOOM, outside for a stack of naturals, some formals and a run back to the car to drive over to Langstone to shoot my portraits of them around the Royal Oak pub… a rather sweaty day so far for me!  Captured some great stuff of them and off to The Langstone it was where I could take more details of their room setup.  A Willy Wonka theme that Jemma had designed herself and dressed the room herself- it looked amazing.  The cake was awesome, and the table plan was fab, as were the table decorations and her sweet cart.  Food and beverages consumed, speeches out of the way, some night time portraits nailed and then a whole evening of dancing and maaan was there some dancing- I think everyone was dancing!!  The dancefloor overspilled into the entire room is seemed- video guy had another 4 camera setup so Dave and Jemma’s wedding video will be spectacular from every angle conceivable.  A fantastic day, loved it 🙂

Wedding photography at Solent Hotel, Hampshire – Shawn & Becci

Another great wedding at Solent Hotel, Hampshire and lucky with the weather- forecast was rain but we were lucky as a breeze blew it away so all was kool.  I’m getting away with myself again and jumping the gun here.. a lovely day with Shawn & Becci shooting their wedding which started with me doing my usual early start to catch the bridal preps, in this case turning up half hour before the MUA and hair stylists so I shot the details and drank tea… and ate biscuits and drank more tea, and then did a biscuit run down the corridor for more biscuit and tea supplies from housekeeping.  Tea and biscuits are wedding morning fuel for me!!  Luckily, Solent Hotel are very supportive in this and more than happy to supply my cravings- thank you as always!  Both Shawn and Becci were getting ready at the Solent and only a few doors away from each other so it was easy to switch back and forth to catch them both getting ready before heading off upstairs to The Hambledon Suite for their ceremony.  Shawn and Becci put a lot of thought into the details and their room setting looked lovely.  After a few giggles during their ceremony, it was off downstairs to the terrace for a drinks reception where my brief was to just capture the guests naturally, which I obviously did, hiding behind things and being sneeky, catching people laughing, smiling and selfie taking etc.  Solent Hotel has some lovely grounds out back which offer a lovely natural setting so we went for stroll (not too far though as Becci is heavily pregnant!) and captured some natural portraits of them before letting them back to their guests to continue chatting before being ushered upstairs again for their Wedding Breakfast.  After the Breakfast and speeches, we took the bridal party and immediate family outside for some relaxed formals and then it was a bit of chill time before the cake was chopped and the dancefloor was activated.  At the end of the night I persuaded them outside again to do a few final portraits nighttime style and gave them both a big hug!  A fantastic day, thanks for being chilled and thanks as always to The Solent gang 🙂