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Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Hashim & Hannah

Ta-Daaah… another Old Thorns wedding blog post alert, this time for Hashim and Hannah who held their ceremony in The Champagne Bar (Atruim daaahlings) followed by a roaring Wedding Breakfast in The Grand Ballroom.  We were only commissioned for a half day on this, so my day started later than usual, but I did manage to squeeze in a quickie prep session at Hannah’s parent’s home en route to OT which was a bonus.  Then it was a 10min drive on to OT to catch a few of Hashim and the guests in The Champs Bar whilst we waited for Hannah’s entrance.  After their ceremony I shot a lot of naturals inside before coaxing them outside for a brief portrait session- it was sooooooo windy so we only had 10mins outside before rushing back inside for a few formals and then straight into their Wedding Breakfast (which smelled delicious) followed by speeches (nice slideshow of Hashim in various poses).  After a bit of dancing the three of us went for a stroll around the interior spaces for a few more portraits before I said my goodbyes.  Half days are a bit of a shock to the system as I’m only just getting warmed up and it’s time to leave- time flies when one is having fun  🙂

Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook – Jamie & Natalie

Oh hello Old Thorns, long time no see haha.. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll keep saying it all the time I’m shooting weddings at Old Thorns (well, we are recommended photographers up there don’t you know!) I do love shooting an OT wedding as it’s such a versatile and wonderful venue to shoot at, both inside the grand interior spaces and stunning grounds outside, plus the wonderful staff and management make it my fave venue to shoot at.  So enough OT shouting, this is supposed to be a wedding blog post for Jamie & Natalie!!  What a great day, such a lovely couple, super-chilled and relaxed and I had free reign to shoot whatever I wanted.. free reign, lovely weather, chilled couple AND Old Thorns as a venue.. perfect.. So the day started as usual for me with bridal preps up at OT in the morning with a very relaxed Natalie, who calmly sat there having stuff done whilst I flitted about shooting details and preps.  I was planning on shooting Jamie and his entourage getting ready also and even with texting reminders to Jamie’s Best Man (and teenage son) Jack aparently forgot to let me know, so I carried on shooting Natalie and then met up with the boys down in the Sports Bar where beer was being consumed.  A lovely ceremony held in the Hampshire Suite and outside for a drinks reception and time for me to shoot my naturals before stealing them away with the lovely Natalie (OT’s Natalie, not Bride Natalie) as our chauffeur (and my assistant- cheers yet again Natalie) around the stunning grounds that is OT’s championship golf course.  I have my fave spots, so I chose a few different locations from the many I know there and captured some wonderful relaxed portraits.  We then headed back for their Wedding Breakfast and speeches and then outside to shoot the formals in a relaxed fashion on the terrace steps.  A great evening followed with happy folk on the dance floor and I finished off my day with a quick portrait session around the hotel and outside for some night shooting as the moon was full.  Fab day, thanks to all 🙂