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Wedding photography at Southend Barns, West Sussex – Kai & Idy

What a fabulous day this was!  My first time shooting a wedding at the stunning Southend Barns nr. Chichester, West Sussex.  This amazing venue only hit the scene a couple of years ago and it’s a wonderfully tranquil place to hold a wedding and very picturesque too from a photography point of view, which is obviously great for us!  Our day started early as usual shooting the bridal preps at Kai & Idy’s home in Portsmouth.  I arrived to peace and quiet, which is a novelty, and leisurely photographed all the bridal details and Idy sorting her hair and makeup, bridesmaids getting ready etc. before the craziness of the boys arriving mid-morning for the traditional Chinese door games.  Kai and his entourage rocked up and paid their money to cross the threshold and the hilarious games started.  I had shot Kai’s Best Man Ting’s wedding a few years ago so I knew what to expect and the girls did not disappoint with their games.  With all that sorted and burning mouths quenched, Kai escorted Idy away and off to Southend Barns we set.  A grey cloudy sky awaited us in Chichester, but we didn’t let that dampen any spirits and we whisked them off for a lovely ceremony followed by a confetti tunnel before the weather turned against us with rain, just as we were about to start shooting the formals.. I took the oportunity to shoot some naturals whilst we waited for the rain to pass, then it was blitz through the formals in the weather break.  The rain decided to not return so the formals went without a hitch and we photographed in our usual calm and relaxed way.  A stack more naturals were shot after the formals and then it was on to their Wedding Breakfast and speeches.  The lights in the barn are perfect for natural light photography, which is totally awesome as the results are so much more natural and dramatic, a real treat and a bonus!  With the speeches out of the way, it was time for us the take them off for a spot of bride and groom portraiture set to the stunning backdrop of the grounds- we created a stunning collection of portraits in a reletively short period of time which is even better for them and we could release them back to their guests for the surprise first dance, cake cutting and general mayhem/merriment of the evening before finishing a truly wonderful, yet tiring, day with a sparkler tunnel send off.  Such an epic day, thanks to the crew of Southend Barns for looking after us, and obviously to Kai and Idy for commissioning us to shoot their wedding.  Bring on the edit… 🙂

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone…

Yesterday was a tad different- I spent a few hours chatting to the first year photography students at Fareham College about being a professional photographer.  Standing in front of a class of students at 9am with a few lines of subjects to chat about written down in front of me and hoping whatever spilled out of my head didn’t bore them to sleep, is quite a fearful thing actually and definately got me out of my comfort zone!  It’s that initial moment when you stand up to introduce yourself and you hope your rambling, meandering  words make sense!  I’ve not done anything like this before so had zero idea how they’d take it, but surprisingly I think it went quite well.  I put together a brief slideshow of a few images to break the ice and act as a bit of an intro click here and then just made it up as I went along!  I was chatting to them about my background in analogue and darkroom processing, progressing to a full time pro-photographer 15 years ago, skills sets needed, technical stuff, kit needed for different disciplines, all the stuff that is required to run a business etc. and not one of the students was bored enough to check their phone during, so my story telling must have been compelling enough.

So three hours later and after some Q&A with the students, I offered to do 1:1 sessions to chat about their portfolios and critique their projects, which a few of them were brave enough to take up.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and it was ok, I may even do it again…. 🙂

Check out this short slide show I created for the students to give them a brief intro to my style:


Wedding photography at Skylark Country Club, Hampshire – Gareth & April

A rainy day.  A windy day.  A venue set on an exposed golf course.  Excellent.  Right, how did it go yesterday?  So then, I rocked up to The Solent Hotel early hours as normal to catch the pair of them getting ready, April being all calm and relaxed in her room with her entourage, and Gareth rushing around being all last minute!  Lovely calm girl room gave me the chance to shoot the details I love to shoot and catch a bit of makeup/hair and some naturals, we had video taking place and a room full of people so natural was definately the right way to go!  I also popped along to see the chaotic boys room and catch them ironing shirts, trying to remember how to tie a cravat and general mayhem happening- didn’t help that Gareth had taken a spill on his Stagdo a few nights previous and grazed up his head and hands which decided to then transfer claret to his shirt!!!  Such to the rescue..  I sorted out Gareth’s cufflinks and cravat, helped him tighten his trousers, waistcoat and also helped him into his jacket so he didn’t have to touch anything!  Oh the duties of a wedding pro!  With him sorted and some finishing details and shots of the girls, it was off to Skylark Country Club where they were holding their blessing in the barn followed by their reception in the club house.  April arrived in the same horse drawn carriage that Essex’s most famous export Katie Price had used on one of her weddings and with the skies threatening to drench us all, we wasted no time getting April inside the beautiful barn where a much more relaxed Gareth was waiting for her.  A lovely blessing and then we exited to confetti as Gareth and April boarded their horse drawn carriage for a ‘spin around the block’ which was perfect for me to shoot my naturals and all the details that April had planned and made herself- everything looked stunning.  Their Wedding Breakfast and speeches went without a hitch and then it was time for me to whisk them off in a golf buggy to shoot my bride and groom portraits around the picturesque grounds of Skylark with a glorious setting sun (my plan of delaying shooting my portraits paid off!) and then a few group formals inside later on with cake and dancing to finish off a fantastic day.  What a great day, wasn’t too sure what the weather was going to do, but we all had an awesome time 🙂