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Client Lounge progression update – CSiHQ

Oooo I do love an office tidy up, I find it Fengs my Zen most admirably!!  This time there’s been a mild flurry of activity here at the Client Lounge with a couple of exciting new features to enhance our client’s experience here in our lowly office.  We have invested in a fresh set of display albums that showcase our range of stunning handmade albums and books from Graphistudio in Italy, a projector and 2m screen have been installed to replace the TV we had in here for Client showrounds and Collection viewings (which was necessary to make room for our new album range), we have new framed prints hanging on the wall and a new framed canvas option proudly displayed on an easel, and finally a Tassimo machine with Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, English Breakfast and hot chocolate options to slurp whilst client’s sit back and check out their awesomeness in glorious (and huge) technicolour.  I think I need 10.1 digital sound next though.. 🙂

Photographing paintings for exhibition, West Sussex – Ravenskin

Good friends of mine Jake and Michelle of Ravenskin Tattoo, Selsey fame, hold an Art Expo each year in their local village of Selsey where they exhibit their works of art (paintings & drawings) which they paint in their spare time.  It’s great to see how their styles have progressed over the years as each year they ask me to photograph the originals so we can produce limited edition print runs to sell alongside the amazing originals.  This year their expo is held on the Bank Holiday weekend of 29/30th August at the Selsey Town Hall, so if your local and dig their style, then pop in and see if you’re tempted.  Here’s the gallery link to this years collection click here  🙂

Wedding photography at Portsmouth Marriott – Ritchie & Hannah

Another all-day wedding yesterday shooting Ritchie & Hannah’s big day which, as usual, commenced with an early start to catch the bridal preps and details at Hannah’s parent’s home in Fareham (which is only 20mins up the road from CSi HQ, so nice and local!). Hannah had loads of kool detail stuff for me to shoot and there was a calm chilled atmosphere- none of the hecticness and chaos I have to endure sometimes, so was slurping mugs of tea in between shooting details, makeup and hair preps. I do love a calm wedding morning!

Ritchie was only another 10mins up the road, so I took chance of a break and headed off to meet up with the Groomsmen and arrided in time to catch them chilling on the sofa laughing and joking together whilst Alex (Ritchie’s Best Man) busied himself ironing everyones shirts to a background of Desperate Housewives (and drinking wine!)- apparently he’s done this since his Uni days where he roomed with Ritchie! So with yet more kool detail stuff captured, and YouTube vids being watched on how to tie a bow tie, the guys were ready so I headed off back to Hannah to catch her final preps.

They had a lovely, intimate ceremony at their local church and afterwards we headed off to the Portsmouth Marriott Hotel where Ritchie and Hannah were holding their reception.

With the speches captured, I took Ritchie & Hannah off for a few portraits around the grounds before heading back inside for the cake cutting and first dance. At the end of the evening (and after shooting Hannah and her slightly tipsy Bridesmaids) I finished off their Collection by shooting the happy couple outside with a quickie night shoot- gotta love a quickie at the end of the night 🙂 x

































Wedding photography at Newtown House Hotel, Hayling Island – Charlie & Paygen

What a scorcher yesterday was- t’was melty hot for me, so I’m sitting here trying to hydrate again whilst penning this blog post!

It was only a few days ago that I shot Charlie & Paygen with a pre-wedding warm-up shoot in a sunset cornfield, so rocking up yesterday to the Newtown House Hotel was a breeze, as it just seemed like a continuation of the other evening. I did my usual rock up at 9am to shoot the details and pre-bridal shots that I love to capture, Paygen had some lovely details for me to shoot and the hair and makeup is a must of course- it’s all part of the story that I enjoy telling so much! Then a spirited drive over to Portsmouth was required to catch up with the boys getting ready (yup, walked into a lounge full of semi-naked dudes and suits bags strewn everywhere- standard! So chaotic compared to the chics!) before their limo arrived and took them off cruising. So it was an equally spirited drive back over to Hayling Island to catch the final bridal preps, tears from Dad as he saw Paygen all ready, Charlie being a gangster downstairs in the bar and then to the ceremony room where we had karaoke (a first for me that was, mid-ceremony!)

It was such a hot day yesterday that I chilled out shooting just the naturals and a few family formals after the ceremony- the thought of sweating in the midday sun in summer on a crowded beach was not my idea of a relaxed bride and groom portrait session! So with plenty of relaxed naturals and family formals captured it was time for a break whilst everyone sat down to the Wedding Breakfast.

Feeling refreshed and having captured the speeches, I loaded up Charlie and Paygen into my car and we headed off to Hayling seafront to shoot the first part of their portraits. The sun was much lower in the sky, the air was cooler, the beach almost empty and we hung out shooting relaxed yet styled stuff on the rocks and the beach huts nearby. We had already chatted about shooting the beach in our pre-wedd chat a couple of weeks ago and this was the reason for choosing a woodland backdrop for their pre-shoot, so it wasn’t the same, but the sunset cornfield was such a success that we decided it would be really kool to tie the two shoots together, so back in the car for a short journey to a cornfield close by (local knowledge and recon. trip pays off) where we captured some stunning portraits as the sun set (again!)

The rest of the evening was drunken dancing, a live band, a crazy bass player leading most of the guests and other band members (still playing/singing) around the venue in a Conga, and the bridal party storming the stage and joining in with the band…

Great day, loved it and I need to keep hydrating today. Until next time.. 🙂 x
























Summer portrait photography, Hampshire – Charlie & Paygen

OK, I admit, I love to shoot outdoors on location- there is a certain buzz that comes with not knowing what the outcome from a shoot will be. Yes of course I have a plan, and generally choose areas I have knowledge of so I can be spontaneous, yet still have a plan(ish) but I never know what the result will be- that is the buzz for me when shooting a portrait session, the thrill of creating something fresh, on the spot, at that moment.

Charlie and Paygen are due to be married in a few days time and fancied having having a pre-wedding warm-up shoot. We chatted about the virtues of different backdrops and they went for a woodland scene look. We drove to Queen Elizabeth Country Park and started there, but the light just wasn’t doing it for me yesterday so we jumped back in the car and went for a drive to find somewhere different. Luckily I know the area (the planning bit) and we found a couple of farmer’s fields and chased the sunset to create some kool’n’dramatic images for them.

So from an idea of a woodland backdrop we evolved to a cornfield and the results were all the better for it. Summer portrait photography in a Hampshire cornfield at sunset… can’t get better than that! 🙂 x