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Newborn portrait shoot in Eastleigh, Hampshire – Harry

Harry was not a happy boy this morning! I photographed his Mum and Dad’s wedding two years ago, so it was great to be asked to photograph their newborn son. We did plan our shoot time to Harry’s best time of the day but, alas, today he was not in the mood for it. Not every portrait shoot goes to plan! ūüôā x






Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Hampshire – Jon & Kerri

There is something about waking up on a wedding morning prior to an Old Thorns wedding, knowing the venue and staff so well, one knows that come rain or shine I have no worries about where to shoot.  Obviously I make it up as I go along still, but I know the venue so well, I can make instant decisions of shooting locations depending on the current situation- shooting bliss!!

Anyway, yesterdays wedding for Jon & Kerri was even more relaxed than usual, having photographed them previously for a family portrait, so rocking up early doors was no problem at all.  Turn up, have a cup of tea, shoot some details, no problem. Both Jon & Kerri were getting ready at Old Thorns so it was a breeze flitting between them to catch the morning preps.

Boom… with that sorted and a ceremony in the Hampshire Suite that ran smoothly, a few indoor naturals with the canapes (it wasn’t the warmest of autumn days yesterday) and it was time to whisk off the happy couple to shoot the first session of bride and groom portraits around the stunning grounds. ¬†Kerri was hardcore and required no blanket to keep warm and no hint of shivering in her summer style wedding gown. ¬†Jon and I kept our jackets on though! ¬†And just to show I don’t rely on shooting the same backdrop, I suddenly shouted, “STOP” as we were driving past a small thicket of trees- driven past them many times and not used them. ¬†Yesterday was the day to shoot them for a change. ¬†I didn’t want to keep them from their guests for too long and it wasn’t the warmest of days and I had plans to shoot another short session in the evening for them, so after half hour it was back to the Hampshire Suite and as we had plenty of time until the wedding breakfast we took advantage and shot a few formals before being announced in.

Food scoffed, speeches nailed, a quickie session to finish of the formals, a bit of chill time and cake/first dance sorted, all that was left to shoot was drunken revelry on the dance floor and a final bride and groom mini-session before saying my goodbyes and the drive south on the A3 listening to the radio zoned out and relaxed.

Great day, much enjoyed and thanks to the OT crew as always for running a super-smooth wedding and looking after me- cheers guys ūüôā
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Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Hampshire – Harry & Sophie

Just a quickie yesterday for Harry & Sophie at the always awesome Old Thorns. ¬†I still managed to shoot a decent sized collection for them considering I was only up there for 6hrs and I guess the beautiful warm and sunny weather had something to do with this. ¬†It did not feel autumnal either, even the trees looked green instead of the rich colours we had last week! ¬†Just goes to show that even in October the British weather cannot be trusted- no complaints from me though, I love it when the sun is shining and it’s comfortably warm.

I rocked up a little bit early (traffic on the A3 cannot be trusted either) and popped my head in to say hello to Sophie as she was getting ready.  Bonus!  I managed to sneak a couple of unexpected bridal prep shots.  With those in the bag, I trundled downstairs to the Sports Bar where Harry was quietly sipping a pint surrounded by their wedding guests- perfect for black and white treatment.  An intimate ceremony in the Champagne Bar (The Attrium) was over rapidly as always, and the doors were opened to the terrace and the sunny warmth.  Naturals nailed, a few formals captured and a short stroll with Harry & Sophie to shoot a quick portrait session before their sit down Wedding Breakfast in the Kenwood Suite.

Krispy Kreme original glazed wedding cake… ’nuff said & massive want. ¬†What a kool idea if you dig doughnuts, which I happen to, and it just so happens original glazed is my fave. ¬†Shame it’s not kool to just help one’s self to a clients wedding cake, so I just had to shoot and drool as I lovingly gazed upon it’s epicness.

Anyway, moving away from the doughnuts (literally) to the speeches with a bit of eye sweat (wink), some cheeky gifts handed out, a couple more formal group requests and then another quickie portrait session within Old Thorns (so versatile a venue!) to finish off my part of the day. ¬†Another great day shooting at Old Thorns, thanks to all as usual ūüôā x

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