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Server woes update

Yup still experiencing server woes, but I think our emails are working (had to use a bit of creativity) for now, although not fixed properly.  Have a backlog of editing to do and blog posts of recent weddings, portraits and corporate shoots to upload, but priorities first!

Tech. can suck sometimes but I’ll keep smiling, we will win this battle 🙂

Wedding photography restrictions in church

We’re always super-respectful and abide by the rules set (the proper pro thing again). If we’re allowed, we’re still respectful of where we are (all religious beliefs set aside) even when given free rein. OK, in my opinion, capturing this part of a couple’s day is up there on the important list, but if resticted, we still abide- what really p*sses me off is when we’re restricted and no mention is made of guests sticking out their phones/pads/camera snapping away merrily. From a couple’s perspective, who out there wants to give their opinion on if their photographer is not allowed to shoot inside, would they be disappointed?  I know we are!!!

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Wedding flowers and bouquet advice

Flower/bouquet advice/chats with top-flight florist Simon Lycett Ltd. Courtesy of Bridebook

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Bloody server woes AGAIN

FFS… same issues as last time, so yeah just venting/ranting/informing.. managed to hack into our website and working on a work around/fix for our emails.  Cannot send or receive from our business account AGAIN so will try using my personal email account to get our post-wedding-show emails out to all those who left their details with us.  Best/busiest show in years and this falls in my lap.  Don’t know whether I’m raging mad or upset/frustrated… if you’re reading this and have sent an email with no reply received within 24hrs, then it’s gone missing.  You could try im’ng us on FaceBook or Twitter or even that arcaic thing called a telephone…

Wedding show at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook, Hampshire

Gotta love a wedding fayre/show, whatever you wish to term it, up at Old Thorns Manor Hotel- always stacked with loads of folk to chat to! Yesterday was mental-busy and today I’m struggling to wake my head up and come up with anything to write about, let alone anything interesting to write about!! So maybe I’ll keep it brief and just say a thank you to everyone who attended the show, especially those who chatted to Sarah and I.  I best go ping out some information emails to you lot… TTFN… #brief

Old Thorns wedding show

Holy sh*tballs… now that was a wedding show!  I’ve been attending (showing off at some might say) wedding shows/fayres for the past 15 years, and in the last few years, show attendance/interest at shows has seen a decline.  It’s not that less couples are venturing out to attend shows, but the saturation of the market with numerous wedding shows every weekend- some utter crap and not promoted, many mediocre, a few high end and fabulous, and a million venue open days to choose from.  Not to mention online ease!

So it was awesome to have one that really kicked ass again.  PMN Wedding Fayres always promote heavily and certainly organise some of the best wedding shows around (of which we do a few of the best ones) and Old Thorns Manor Hotel is a fab award winning venue we love shooting at, which we do numerous times each year, so has appeal and draws couples from a wide area to get married there.  Yeah ok, it does help we’re recommended by them, but we do an awesome job, know the venue extremely well, know the staff and how they run weddings, which is a seriously beneficial attribute on a hectic wedding day, to help keep everything ticking along smoothly.  Trust us, we’re all pros!

Thanks guys for an epic show, and thank you to those of you reading this who left us your contact details… we’ll be in touch 🙂

10 things to do now you have an engagement ring on your finger

As a dude, I wouldn’t think of getting a manicure to show your new engagement ring off to the max! Another bit of advice to log into the memory banks.. Courtesy of Bridebook & The One Romance

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Obvious things NOT to do in the week before a wedding

From a dude’s perspective we don’t have much to consider apart from avoiding shaving rash and not eating a curry the night before, but you chics dig the hair/makeup thing so this may be of use to some (personally I think it’s stating the bleedin’ obvious!)

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