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Wedding photography at The Winchester Hotel by Chris Such Images

Maxim & Emily are a wonderfully laid back, chilled couple who love their ink and pugs.  They chose us to shoot their wedding held at The Winchester Hotel, Winchester in Hampshire on a sunny, hot day a few weeks ago.  It was a fab day indeed, which saw me start with the gents for a change as they had their hair and beards trimmed at their local barber shop.  This was great as the Groomsmen all took their seats at the same time which was great for me!!  A quick bit of chaotic getting ready back at their home and off to The Winchester to catch the girls doing the same.

I walked into selfies.

Bridemaids all checking out their best side and fave Instagram filter for the day.  This indeed set the theme for the day!  Luckily this gig was briefed to be a natural’n’chilled wedding day for me to shoot!

A great day this was, a hot day, a chilled out yet hectically fun day.  A great bunch of people who were out to have a laugh and a couple of drinks…

Fantastic stuff and here’s a few images taken from their Wedding Collection 🙂

01-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 02-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 03-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 04-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 05-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 06-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 07-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 08-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 09-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 10-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 11-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 12-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 13-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 14-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 15-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 16-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 17-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 18-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 19-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 20-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 21-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 22-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 23-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 24-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 25-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 26-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 27-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 28-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 29-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 30-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography 31-winchester-hotel-wedding-photography

Wedding show at Lainston House, Hampshire

Lainston House is a gorgeous venue, stunning in fact and a joy to photograph weddings at, so of course we decided to try out the latest addition to the PMN Wedding Fayres portfolio! Met some new suppliers, chatted to couples and genrally showed off (standard).  Cannot be arsed to write a long drawn out and dull post today, I need more caffeine before I attempt that, so I’ll sign off for now with a thank you and I best crack on with my Monday admin.duties!  Laterzzzzz 🙂 x

Another wedding show at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook, Hampshire

Another wedding show at Old Thorns yesterday. Always busy. Thank you….

*Dramatic pause to go fetch another cuppa*

Another crazy-busy wedding show at Old Thorns yesterday with loads of couples chatted to and contact details taken to bombard with information today! Thank you to everyone who came and chatted to Sarah and I, we have a load of details to input and pester now. Watch those junk folders for stuff you don’t think you need but you’re going to receive anyway, and then realise how useful they really are, and then commission us to shoot your magical day. You know it makes sense!!  TTFN 🙂 x