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Service tweak aka ‘Arse-Kicking Incentive’

All-new arse-kicking incentive option..

I’m always thinking about ways to improve how we do things, or the products we offer, or our service to you lot- it’s a constant internal monologue chatting away at the back of my mind (does my head in if I wake up at 3am with my brain spinning I tell ya!)

So Sarah and I took a break the other day, grabbed Archie’s lead and coat, and headed outdoor to give him a long walk and us some fresh air to clear the mind-fog so we could chat ideas about improvements we could make.  Now you lot know from my mini-rants, that I’m super-passionate about folk having printed products, proper stuff that is going to last and be treasured, stuff to show off not only now, but in years to come, y’know stuff to get out and giggle at.  You all know this as I go on about it enough!

Now, I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to to-do-lists, priority-lists and ‘get-around-to-it-eventually’ lists, I live in the real world too y’know and I always joke about having my to-do-list written out on a loo roll- I roll it out and keep adding to this impossibly long list!  And sometimes I just need a good ol’fashioned kick in the rear to get sh*t done (Sarah is good at this!) and this is where our idea has sprung from.

I’ve always dug our flexible approach with separate photography and separate products afterwards, it’s what sets us apart from the standard stuff out there, and I plan to keep doing this!  And we never pressure anyone to choose a particular option or product, it’s always been and will remain to be, “you order what you want, when you want.”  Simple and flexible.

I’m always looking at ways to work more efficiently and to try and minimise the bottlenecks that sometimes happen with workflow at certain peak times of the year.  With this in mind we have come up with a tweak to the way we offer stuff to streamline our workload and help to spread things out over the year more effectively for us.

I pinged out our newsletter the other day with all the options on this, so if you’d like a digital copy, email me at and I’ll buzz a copy over

We’ve cheekily called it ‘Arse Kicking Incentive’ which I think has a certain ring to it and I may well adopt this moniker in future correspondence #arsekickingincentive..

Anyway, enough for today, I need another cuppa…

Big hugs from Chris and Sarah  🙂 x

Wedding show at New Place, Shedfield, Hampshire

It’s been a couple of years since we last did a wedding show at New Place, but true to form it was another fab show with plenty of couples to chat to and other exhibitors to ignore (except the ones we like obviously!!) Nah only kidding.. or am I? I think I’ve had too much caffeine this morning so I best keep it short before I bounce off on a tangent of meaningless. Cheers for stopping to chat to Sarah and I and that’s all folks. Caffeine hit time. 🙂 x