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Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel by Chris Such Images

We always love shooting a wedding at Old Thorns, and it was no different for Mark & Emily’s wedding day at one of our favourite venues! Being only 20mins up the A3 for us is a bonus and even better, both Emily & Mark were getting ready at Old Thorns which is always awesome.

So we arrived early to shoot the bridal preps and arrived in time for a breakfast feast laid out and the girls all sitting around chatting and laughing, all super-chilled’n’relaxed… pretty much the theme for the day. Excellent stuff. Sarah and I shot all the details while the girls were scoffing, with a couple of cheeky mid-scoff shots thrown in, and then the hecticness of makeup and hair started!

Mixtures of halogen, tungsten and window light with people scattered around in various states of readiness and furious wheel scrolling changing settings on our cameras and BOOM, we nailed it.  I’d snuck out to shoot the gents getting ready over the other side of Old Thorns in standard gent-form (all done within 30mins) leaving Sarah to catch Emily getting into her dress and before y’know it, it’s time for their wedding ceremony in The Champagne Bar.

T’was an emotional ceremony with tears galore, which I think is awesome- I love it when people get emotional at weddings, it makes for such good photographic memories.

Straight after the ceremony Mark & Emily opted to take a break, so we jumped into the golf buggy and took a spin over to the other side of the golf course to catch some kool portraits of the pair of them.  As always, I chose my spots spontaneously, depending on the course traffic and ground conditions of the day- venue knowledge reins supreme again! One of the reasons I love shooting at Old Thorns so much!

Whilst we were away, Sarah had captured some great naturals of the guests, which just left a couple of formals to nail pre-wedding breakfast. Sorted those, shot the Gatsby Suite with their room details (rather a few kool items to capture) and left them to scoff before heading back in to capture yet more emotion with the speeches.

With the sun setting low and bathing the driving range in warm orange glow, I took the bridal party outside for a brief kool, natural session so they could have a rest before cake/first dance/evening shenanigans began.

We finished the eve off with fireworks, said our goodbyes and headed back down the A3. Home. Rest. Needed. Tired… 🙂

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Wedding show at Lainston House, Hampshire

Yet another totally dull update after yesterdays wedding show at Lainston House, which saw us showing off as usual with our awesome display of epicness. Lainston House is a gorgeous venue, close to Winchester in Hampshire and offers tasty locations and backdrops for wedding photography- I do like shooting weddings there, hence attending the wedding show yesterday!

So, fingers crossed we convert some of the interested couples and get to shoot there again soon.

Short and sweet today.. ttfn… 🙂

Wedding photography at Farbridge by Chris Such Images

Farbridge in West Sussex.. WOW! What a stunning venue! I know I say this fairly often regarding wedding venues, as we are rather privileged to shoot at some gorgeous wedding venues, and this one truly is another. Our first time shooting at this beautiful venue and we hope to shoot there again soon. From the moment you walk in, you feel at home; helped by it’s exclusive hire and low-walled garden and personal attention from the welcoming staff. We were very much looking forward to shooting here!

So anyway, on to Dylan and Jana’s wedidng day there..

Sarah and I did our usual rock up early to catch Bridal preps as Jana had quite the entourage, and I disappeared half-way through to go and catch up with Dylan and his Groomsmen to catch their preps also (not only about the Bride you know!) before heading back to grab Sarah and the rest of our gear to fly off to their local church for the ceremony to set up there. Always starts off so relaxed and then gets crazy-busy at the ceremony time approaches. I’d like to say the 40mins for a ceremony is a time to relax for us but we, and this occassion was no exception, usually get weird lighting and cramped spaces and tight angles and church furniture to avoid so it’s a standard challenge we face normally! But you think about what you doing and look for the angles and work with the light and you score some kool stuff.

Outside after the ceremony is a moment to catch our breath whilst casually shooting naturals of guests congratulating, sometimes we shoot groups, sometimes we don’t, we’re fly like that; so a quick couple of family groups and we sent everyone off to Farbridge whilst we accompanied the Bridal Party to a nearby beauty spot Jana adored. The heavens opened, we opened the umbrellas, we carried on shooting quickly and then hurried them all back the cars to head off to Farbridge and glorious sunshine. Hot, hot sunshine at that- hottest day of the year, hot sweaty sunshine!!

We shot everything else at Farbridge; formals, relaxed, naturals, details, D&J, speeches, more naturals, more of D&J, cake and sweaty dancing into the night.

A most excellent and tiring day, with an epic Collection captured. Thank you and over and out… 🙂 x
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