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Wedding photography at Old Thorns Manor Hotel by Chris Such Images

Oh hello again Old Thorns, been at least a week since we saw you last! All is kool though, as OT is up there with our faves, great venue and staff, totally varied scope for our photography and only 20mins up the road… Bonusville!!

Anyway, enough glory-boasting for OT, this blog is about Gareth & Christine’s wonderful wedding day! Theirs was a touch different than our norm up there as they used St.Andrew’s for their ceremony and the Kenwood Suite for the Reception- perfect for an intimate and personal hosting.

We arrived for the bridal preps, nailed that. Gareth rocked up, nailed that. Ceremony without a hitch, and then because of the weather forecast we all jumped in the buggy and zipped over to the other side of the golf course to some of my fave spots. I do love creating stuff that looks nothing like a golf course, I’ll leave the ‘by the fountain on a greenway with the hotel in the background’ shots to the lazy many out there and I’ll carry on with my fave spots thank you very much!

So anyway, back from our buggy expedition, a catch up with guests and a drink for them and we fired off some relaxed formals before they sauntered inside to scoff. We had a break, had a scoff ourselves in the Sports Bar, drank a Coke, watched some sport on the 3bijillion inch screens and strolled downstairs to catch the speeches. Sorted.

Turnaround time and some time to kill, so a tasty lil’session around the inside areas of OT with Gareth and Christine and after another break with another Coke, it was time to catch a few naturals while we awaited the cake cutting/first dance combo, a bit of dancing afterwards and then back in the car for the mammoth 20min commute down the A3 to a slightly stronger drink and bed… ahhhh bed after a wedding day epic feels so gooooood.

Cheers as always Old Thorns crew for the standard outstanding service and help. See ya soon… lol

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New Graphistudio album range designed finally!

HOLY SH*TBALLS, my grey matter is frazzled today after a mind-numbing frenzy putting the final creative touches to our next album range to be introduced from our amazing suppliers Graphistudio. Not that I’ve been meaning to do this for 6 months, but I finally had a bit of ‘spare’ time in between wedding edits and sat down for a few days to get it designed.

These things have to be very carefully thought about, one cannot simply sling these together with whichever images one is drawn towards; each page or double-page spread has to be thought out and designed with an overall theme that runs for the complete album.  An album has to flow, the design has to tell a story, the theme has to work, the pages have to follow on from each other, the typefaces and fonts have to work together, the borders and colours and backgrounds have to match, the images need to be complimentary to the others on the page.

Damn there’s so much more than throwing down a client’s choice of images on a page and being done with it, I’ll leave that to the cheap/lazy photographers out there who give zero f**ks about design and unique album layouts for their clientele, or who don’t care about presentation, or [heaven forbid] those who use templates and auto-design software!!! These things are supposed to special and unique!

Display albums on the other hand, are equally taxing; yeah OK, I get to choose the images to tell the story however I like, which is easier in some ways, but I have to choose so carefully as the story has to inspire others, not a couple looking at memories of their day with their friends and family on the pages- double hard bas***d task that is!!

Well, that was an unintentional rant! I only started out to wax on about a new album concept range we’re introducing in the next couple of weeks! Although technically, we’re introducing two new album ranges, I’ve only designed the album set for one; I have worked out the package options for one range and designed the album layout and ordered the other, so kinda halfway there!

I will be shouting a bit more about all this stuff when the other design has been created and sent off, and the package options for both have been finalised- until then… tata 🙂