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An Old Thorns wedding, again again again!

Holy s**t I clocked up some furious miles yesterday for Lee & Fiona’s wedding at Old Thorns! That was manic!! Fiona was at her parent’s home on Hayling Island and Lee was at Old Thorns… that’s 24miles in between and getting on/off Hayling and to the A3 to add in! Oh f*****g wonderful and it’s summer which means Hayling could be busy with it’s one single lane road on/off the island… aaarrrggghhh… oh well it’s what we do for or wonderful clientele, just keep smiling Such and thankfully you have a Sarah to shoot the Bridal stuff!!! 


Hayling is only a 10min drive in clear traffic so we headed out early anyway as the road can get congested in summer, especially on a weekend and arrived 10mins later… ahh this is a good sign. I hung about for a bit shooting the details whilst Sarah shot the hair and makeup and chatted to our supplier friends Annette (hair) and Della (makeup) who we’ve known for years. I left Sarah at the social gathering and headed off for my first trip to OT to go shoot Lee and his Groomsmen. Oh my it was a warm one already, ”today is going to be another sweatfest for me!” I thought to myself as I blasted myself with the air-con. 


Lee had Groomsmen details for me to shoot as well as the getting ready stuff which I always dig and it’s kool to catch both sides of the morning story for the couple to have as memories. Nailed it and then I checked my watch and, “oh **** I need to hustle it back to Hayling Island to pick Sarah up, fingers crossed the traffic is okay!!!” I had to get back to Hayling to grab Sarah and then race back up to OT before Fiona walked down the aisle!!!! And it was a seriously hot summers day and the logistics brain frazzling sweat inducing frenzy had me in its grip. Air-con FTW!!!!! 


Made it before the Bridal party had left home… phew!!! 


And back up to OT!!! 


Hampshire Suite. Windows. Nicely lit ceremony room. Loads of naturals after the ceremony outside in the sunshine. Formals outside, oh the difference to the last wedding we shot here in the rain. Drag the couple into a buggy to kick them around a golf course and shoot them in the trees. Nothing more dull than plonking (damn that’s a good word, not used that in years!) a couple in the middle of a fairway, course fountain spraying water in the background… urgh… so lazy, shoot them in the trees it is then and it’s shade for us so we minimise sweating as much as possible, oh and the harsh sunshine of course! 


Wedding Breakfast time. Sit down rest for us. Neeeeded. Hydrate loads. Neeeeded. 


We carried on shooting naturals into the evening, another session with them in the evening, the cake, the dancing, the cigars, nailed the lot, damn we shoot a full story. Memories man, that’s what we shoot, and boy did we shoot a lot today. Home time, the A3 was calling. Until the next wedding day story… peace…