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Rownhams House wedding on a cold December day

Hoooooly sheeeeeeeeet, a chilly start yesterday for Alex & Kat’s wedding but a gorgeous sunny day so no complaints from us! And we were at Rownhams House which is rather a tasty Hampshire wedding venue. 


Another all-day affair so early morning preps. for us with Sarah shooting Kat at her parent’s home and me shooting Alex at his parent’s home before heading off to the local church. The fab thing about a sunny day at this time of year is the low arc of the sun which throws lovely shadows, gives a wonderful colouring and makes for great imagery with available light shooting, it’s like a sunset for a few hours. Fabulous… 


Anyway, the church ceremony gave Kat a lovely surprise in the form of their two dogs being outside the church door as she pulled up inside her chauffeur-driven Rolls, oh they went slightly crazy and tried to jump up as dogs tend to do, not so kool whilst wrapped in an expensive wedding dress! Alex was inside the church obviously, with his brother being the supportive Best Man doing his best man duties and before you know it, the 40mins have passed and we’re all outside into the ‘warmth’ of a December sun. Nailed a couple of formals outside the church door and a couple of Alex & Kat (it was the church they were married at after all) and then jumped in the car for the short(ish) drive to Rownhams House with the heating on (a change from the air-con for once!) 


Rownhams had the log fire roaring… ahhhhhhh… we let everyone warm up a bit (us too) shooting some naturals indoors and then did a few naturals outside (brrrrr!) dragging folks out a few at a time to avoid the risk of hypothermia. We also managed to coheres Alex and Kat outside for a few portraits in the fading light before they went to sit down in the warmth to scoff and drink. Speeches, sorted, a couple more relaxed formals around a settee of mildly alcohol enhanced bridal party stuff and off to the coach house for the evening reception with added Christmas jumpers, cake and dancing to a band. We finished off our evening with a few cigars and a short session of portraits with Alex and Kat before we jumped back in the car to drive home with the heating properly on… another fantastic day of catching memories for a wonderful pair… 


May the Force be with you, Force 5 gales though

A wedding with a subtle Star Wars theme, so May the Force be with you was indeed Force 5 gales instead! Another sunny and windy wedding, good ol’blighty eh! Hey at least they’ve both been sunny and windy, totally thankful for that, as wind and rain is not a kool combo to coheres couples outside.

Luke & Jenni are a totally chilled laid back couple, so were easy to shoot even with the wind we had. They live opposite Southsea Common so The Queens Hotel was an obvious choice for them, and the gardens there are enclosed somewhat so we had some shielding from the hurricane winds. It was when we strolled across the Common that things got a bit frisky!

Anyway, I digress… only a half day shoot for us, well actually just me solo shooting this one, because of being a half day; so I rocked up for a couple of pre-shoots with Luke and his Best Man chilling, ploughed through their ceremony and outside to enjoy the awesome sunshine. And wind. Shot a bunch of kool naturals wildly spinning wheels between shade/sunshine lighting, nailed formals on the lawns and stairs for the larger groups and then buggered off with the pair of them across the Common to use the kool architecture of the war memorial for a few sneaky portraits of them away from the prying eyes of guests. Wind. Jeez it was windy, t’was rather tricky finding places where it wasn’t threatening to blow them away cartwheeling across the common like tumble weeds but we found a couple of spots, shot them tasty and then back across the common to release them for feeding time.

Speeches, more naturals, another lil’sesh with the pair of them around the hotel and then jumped in the car, job done (well the capture bit anyway!)

Fab couple, fab day, here’s a few teasers of what I shot for them 🙂