Creators of memories

Creators of memories is what we are; this is luxury stuff us creatives are creating, it’s memories man, it’s capturing a moment in time, a fleeting moment in a life on a particular day, a glimpse back in time in 20 years. As Andy Warhol once said, “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes even when the people in it do.”

Sarah and I have both been in the photography trade for nearly 30 years; I started out my days in a specialist professional printing lab learning all the traditional techniques of film processing and colour hand printing in a darkroom with enlargers and paper processors, elbow deep in chemicals and darkness, whereas Sarah started out her career working with a couple of very well known (at the time) local photography studios printing black and white images in a darkroom like me and shooting weddings at the weekends (weddings were all on Saturdays back then). So she would be shooting weddings at the weekends and I’d be processing and printing those same weddings during the week- it’s crazy to think our paths would have crossed all those years ago without us realising! Luckily we found each other a few years later!

Skip forward a decade and Sarah is crewing super-yachts as a Chief Stewardess, serving the wealthy and famous $2000 bottles of vintage Champagne as they cruise warmer waters around the globe, and I’m sat at home preparing to shoot my first wedding. Oh those crazy days of medium format film cameras, heavy tripods and light meters, no auto-modes and clever tech. doing the work for you, one needed technical knowledge and an understanding of what was happening with the light inside one’s camera, a far cry from photographers starting out these days!

Skip forward another decade and Sarah has just returned from the world of sailing with the hyper-rich and I’ve gone fully digital in the land of wedding photography which has opened up all kinds of further creativity available to me. I guess I’ve always been a creative type, it runs in the family; I loved drawing as a child with my Grandmother, played piano and guitar like my Father, listened to music with my Mother and read books constantly and loved learning about the most random of things like my Uncle. Sarah is the same creative type with an early passion for photography and a love for drawing, reading and a similar music taste thankfully! I’ve passed on my family creatives genes to my two wonderful children with my daughter learning the skills of an archaeologist and an avid collector/reader of books, and my son an accomplished multi-instrumentalist musician and I.T. genius… I am the proudest of Dads!

I am the driving force behind our wedding photography, the loud one as Sarah puts it, constantly evolving our techniques and refining our client journey, pushing forward our photography and client experience onward and upward. Sarah has a very successful high street portrait studio and is a recognised specialist in newborn, babies, children, families and pet fine art portraiture, hence she leaves me to drive the wedding photography side, which is my field of expertise. We shoot many of our weddings together, we make a great team, knowing each others moves instinctively and the intricacies of a wedding day from both shooting them for many years- we bring with us a great deal of experience, creativity and professionalism yet somehow manage to package this all up in a relaxed and friendly manner to put our clients at ease and make creating memories for them something to look forward to and enjoy; even those who squirm when a camera is pointed their way!

My peers think of me as a wedding expert, and it’s a wonderful privilege to help guide couples for part of their wedding planning journey. We’re based in the south of England close to Portsmouth, Hampshire and within easy reach of Southampton, Chichester, Petersfield and beyond into London, Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire and Dorset, although we do shoot all over the UK and abroad. Click here for a map of where we are.

Thank you for reading!

Chris & Sarah