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SUCH at Old Thorns Manor Hotel

Hello you beautiful ones on a beautiful morning sat here in the Captain’s Chair taking a rather expeditious break from this stockpile of wedding edits and album designs to bring you a request for images we’ve shot recently at one of our favourite venues, the ever-awesome Old Thorns. We’ve had a few of these lately after a veritably hustling wedding show there last Sunday where Sarah and I chatted to many new couples (and bumped into current clients also, which is always kool!) and got a few on-board with us too already; Old Thorns will be getting visited by us even more in 2018/19!!

So anyway, onto this Such at Old Thorns Manor Hotel request, yeah, we’ve had a few couple’s request to see examples of what we shoot up there, so I figured (in my expeditious way) the quickest and easiest course, was to throw a few together into a blog and ping a link. So, yeah, have some of this… 🙂

003-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 004-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 005-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 006-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 007-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 008-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 009-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 010-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 011-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 012-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 013-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 014-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 015-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 016-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 017-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 018-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 019-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 020-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 021-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 022-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 023-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 024-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 025-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 026-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 027-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 028-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 029-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 030-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 031-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 032-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 033-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 034-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 035-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 036-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 037-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 038-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 039-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 040-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 041-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 042-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 043-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 044-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 045-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 046-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 047-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 048-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 049-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 050-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 051-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 052-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 053-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 054-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 055-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 056-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 057-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 058-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 059-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 060-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 061-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 062-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 063-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 064-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 065-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 066-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 067-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 068-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 069-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 070-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 071-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 072-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 073-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 074-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 075-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 076-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 077-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 078-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 079-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 080-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 081-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 082-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 083-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 084-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 085-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 086-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 087-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images 088-old-thorns-by-chris-such-images

Another amazing wedding show at Old Thorns

Yesterday saw us rock another amazing wedding show at Old Thorns #secondhome with it being the biggest one yet- 80 exhibitors and 1000 brides through the door!!!!  Crazy times!!!!

We had current clients rock up and say hi also as they continued their journey of wedding planning, and a couple of friends surprise hi as they check out Old Thorns as their wedding venue; always lovely to see and say hi again.

Cuppa is calling and I have a stack of emails to ping out now… I’ll try harder next time to write something worth reading- this one is proper sh*t 🙂

Hello again Old Thorns

Oh hello again Old Thorns, you are such the #secondhome to us, but it’s OK, we totally dig shooting you!

Phew.. back to #teamwork shooting with Sarah again for Saturday’s wedding of James and Emma up at our fave Old Thorns- another chilled one as they were both up there, so no crazy driving needed by me to cover 2x prep. locations… “relax Such, no logistics to sweat over!”

It did absolutely p*ss down with rain most of the day but they were a kool couple who worked with us and even bought wellies to tromp about outside and we always carry umbrellas so all was groovy. We nailed it… of course! That’s because we know what we’re doing and are #weddingexperts, so no panicking by us as we’re the absolute b*****ks and we damn well know what we’re doing.

Did I mention how f***ing awesome we are and how calm and collected we are when faced with photographic obstacles? No? Well, we are f***ing awesome… 🙂

P.S. I only profane here at CSiHQ and not at a wedding, I’ve already told ya we’re complete professionals at this shizzle…

P.P.S. Usual follow up ‘proper’ blog will appear soon with accompanying imagery.. 10-4


Back to Skylark again for another wedding

Back to Skylark again for another wedding and another solo shoot by me on Saturday, third time this year!!!!!  One has gotten v.much used to having Sarah shooting alongside me, we make a great team, so it’s odd when I solo shoot these days, but once I get stuck in I just power through and the before I know it, the day is over for me, 12hrs have past and I’m bloody knackered!

Saturday saw me shoot Simon & Anna’s wedding day at Skylark and it was such a chilled day! Bridal preps started later than usual, Groomsman preps were not required and formals required only a handful of shots- the rest was relaxed and easy going memories of the day… nice… I’ll obviously follow up with a proper blog with captured images, but the kettle is calling me and I have a stack of admin. to do so adios for now and catch ya later… 🙂

Another fantastic wedding day at Old Thorns again

Another sweaty fantastic wedding day at Old Thorns again last weekend, full of sweat fun and laughs and most excellent images captured for Lewis & Becky among the myriad of sweaty awesome memories we captured whilst sweating smiling with them. I’ve tried a couple of new ideas lately and nailed them both, so looking forward to trying them out again at tomorrow’s wedding at Skylark

The transitions between church and Old Thorns at the weekend was air-con heaven as the rest of the day was a full-on sweat-fest… have I mentioned sweating all day? A two shirt sweat-fest? Well it was!

A fantastic day none-the-less and a proper blog will follow soon with some kool imagery. At least you won’t be able to see my ridiculous sweating!!

Right, I best go charge the batteries and sort the kit out ready for tomorrow’s wedding. And have another coffee. TTFN…  🙂

It’s the truth, we do put in way more effort than any other photographer we know!

Is it just me that feels wiped out on a Monday? Weddings never used to wear me out like this, I put it down to the warm weather!

Friday’s wedding was a blast and a standard loooooong day for us, so maybe it’s how much effort and concentration we put into our full days that is the cause of me being so wiped out after. Hand on heart, we put in way more effort than any other photographers we know- we seriously do! More effort with our clients and their guests to keep them relaxed and not make the photography a chore (even the formals!) and we put in longer days too than the rest of them, it all adds up y’know and it’s not easy but this is what makes us unique to the others. I really should shout more about this but I’m never one to self-promote like that, we’ll let out testimonials/recommendations do the talking.

There’ll be a future blog arriving soon with some kool imagery from Friday’s wedding, so that’s it for today as I’m in dire need for caffeine so off to pop the kettle on… TTFN 🙂 x

Wedding photography at Careys Manor, New Forest

First time for us doing our wedding photography thing at Careys Manor down in the New Forest part of Hampshire! I do love shooting down in the New Forest as there is always something to go and shoot against/with down there, and Nick and Olivia’s wedding was no different. The New Forest was perfect for these guys as Nick is quite the outdoor chap/bushcraft dude so Careys Manor hit the spot.

A beautiful early morning to drive down through with low-lying mist hugging the scenery and azure blue skies above- pretty much picture perfect! I knew the mist would burn off, and the forecast said no rain so all was groovy, bit chilly, but groovy none-the-less.

The blue skies and dewy ground worked great for some outdoor detail shots as did the oak paneling and dark furniture of inside, so we nailed those and the usual bridal preps before I legged it off to shoot the dudes being all calm and dude-like. With that sorted and a lovely ceremony downstairs, followed by selfies, followed by a loooong confetti line, followed by some naturals, followed by a couple of family formals, followed by a few portraits at Careys and then we decided to all bundle in the car and head out into the New Forest for some scenery stuff.

We ended up outside Balmer Lawns Hotel as the stream there is pretty with exposed banks and gnarly, skeletal trees and there happened to be a couple of foraging ponies mooching about which was a particular request from Olivia if we could find any. Nailed.

A quick stop-off for a walking style scenery shot (Nick request) and back to Careys for them to chill’n’scoff’n’speech’n’chill’n’cake’n’dance, oh with a few friends formals and a sparkler fencing fight thrown in and home time for a well-earned beer back at CSiHQ…


Fab wedding at a great venue, with a kool bunch of folk and some awesome weather.. what’s not to like about that eh  🙂 x

01_careys_manor_wedding_photography 02_careys_manor_wedding_photography 03_careys_manor_wedding_photography 04_careys_manor_wedding_photography 05_careys_manor_wedding_photography 06_careys_manor_wedding_photography 07_careys_manor_wedding_photography 08_careys_manor_wedding_photography 09_careys_manor_wedding_photography 10_careys_manor_wedding_photography 11_careys_manor_wedding_photography 12_careys_manor_wedding_photography 13_careys_manor_wedding_photography 14_careys_manor_wedding_photography 15_careys_manor_wedding_photography 16_careys_manor_wedding_photography 17_careys_manor_wedding_photography 18_careys_manor_wedding_photography 19_careys_manor_wedding_photography 20_careys_manor_wedding_photography 21_careys_manor_wedding_photography 22_careys_manor_wedding_photography 23_careys_manor_wedding_photography 24_careys_manor_wedding_photography 25_careys_manor_wedding_photography 26_careys_manor_wedding_photography 27_careys_manor_wedding_photography 28_careys_manor_wedding_photography 29_careys_manor_wedding_photography 30_careys_manor_wedding_photography 31_careys_manor_wedding_photography 32_careys_manor_wedding_photography 33_careys_manor_wedding_photography 34_careys_manor_wedding_photography 35_careys_manor_wedding_photography 36_careys_manor_wedding_photography 37_careys_manor_wedding_photography 38_careys_manor_wedding_photography 39_careys_manor_wedding_photography 40_careys_manor_wedding_photography

A lil’crotch-pot cooking…

F**k me Saturday’s wedding was warm!!! We melted. It was warm. It was hotter than the sun it seemed. We had a lil’bit of crotch-pot cooking going on. We drank and sweated our body weights in/out/fluids. Sweated. Melted. Squinted. Sweated some more, and finally at 11pm we drove home with air-con at full blast.

Holy sh*tballs it was bright & sunny & hot!

A totally fab day though shooting Joe & Lucy’s wedding at Ufton Court– an amazing new venue for us to shoot at and looking forward to sharing their Collection in a future blog…

Wedding photography at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel

“People try to put us down, talking about my generation wedding photography at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel” doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?!!? The Who 1 – Such 0…

Jef & Ann did indeed do the deed at the Portsmouth Marriott, turning up on a Vespa steed, well actually, a load of them! Scooters galore rocked up for this wedding as the sun was shining luckily! The happy couple were members of the local Gosport scooter club and their fellow member friends turned up in convoy to celebrate the day with them- blaady scooters everywhere!!

But our day began with bridal preps in the hotel, bright’n’early as standard, shooting Ann and her entourage having hair/makeup sorted and the usual details we love to capture. A text from Jef to inform us the scooter convoy had just left Gosport, so a finish off of details and I left Sarah to continue with the bridal stuff, whilst I trotted off downstairs to catch the convoy arrival and shoot some groomsmen stuff.

All that sorted and into their ceremony… one petal at a time 😉

Naturals, a few formals, a sh*t load of rain outside, gale force winds, tornado most probably, bikes flying past the window, a small dog named Toto escaping from a bicycle basket and onto their Wedding Breakfast and a well-earned sit down rest whilst they scoffed. There was a rumour about a Scot buying a round of drinks! *faints*

So, speeches nailed, evening guests rock up and we whisked Jef & Ann away for a portrait sesh around the hotel (couldn’t use much of outside, had to watch out for flying monkeys!) and then it was time for dancing.

Now this dancing malarkey- think Mods, Skinheads, Northern Soul, scootery type folk, baaaaaarels of ale and a Kinks tribute band adorned in frilly shirts and velvet suits…

I think Jef won the music choice as no Bon Jovi was played… 😉

Fab day, fab couple, fab music, crappy weather but who gives a **** eh, it’s the memories maaaan  🙂 x

01_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 02_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 03_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 04_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 05_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 06_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 07_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 08_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 09_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 10_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 11_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 12_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 13_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 14_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 15_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 16_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography

Wedding photography at the Botley Park Hotel, Hampshire

It’s been a year or so since we last shot some wedding photography at the Botley Park Hotel, so it was a bit of a surprise when I did a reccy visit a couple of weeks prior to Ian & Niki’s wedding to check out what’s new over there- they seem to have sold off the golf course to a housing developer who are in full-swing (no golf pun intended) building mode!!! No more golf course to use for the photography aspect!! Oh well it rained anyway!!

So scarred land aside, what did Ian & Niki’s day hold for us? Well… they originally didn’t require any of the bridal preps being captured, but I managed to time it so I caught a bit of them (I like to shoot some if I can get away with it) so en route to their church, I quickly stopped by Botley Park to shoot a couple of groom details and a sneaky bit of Ian getting ready, a quick few with his Groomsmen and then made a pit-stop at Niki’s parent’s home to catch a little bit of that too, her horse and carriage arriving etc. before I continued my journey to their church to await the arrivals. A horse and carriage takes an age so no rush was required on my behalf (v.unusual on a wedding day!)

All pretty standard stuff, with arrivals, a few naturals, their ceremony, naturals afterwards, a few close formals and making sure I left before they did as I did not wish to be stuck behind their horse and carriage transport back to Botley Park!! Most did not have this wedding wisdom!

It started raining. Bo****ks.

I’ve shot hundreds and hundreds of weddings, many on a rainy day, and it still irks me when the heavens open. Ya just gotta roll with it, nothing can be done, so make the memories for them in the rain instead and have some fun..

We did.

A break in the rain.

“Get your arses outside, grab that brolly and follow me you two..”

We used the hidden orchard area for a brief stint of couple portraits and then back inside again.

Another break in the rain. And lovely sunshine!!!

Oh they are sat down, eating.

So we had speeches, loads of kool naturals inside (thank that skylight bathing the bar area with natural light!) doughnuts for Niki, cake and dancing. Dancing. Lots of dancing. Did I mention dancing? Well, they had dancing. It was their thing (apart from doughnuts)… dancing.

Ian is a member of two bands, one a cèilidh/céilí (no idea if Scottish or Irish!) and the other a rock’n’roll covers band so they kicked off with a massive cèilidh/céilí thingy as their first dance. Hectic from the start, get everyone involved. Sweating.

Ian couldn’t resist and grabbed a bass guitar and joined in. Usher dude was the Caller and fiddle player and everyone joined in dancing. That went on for ages, everyone was sweating, it was hot, I was sweating, stick on a CD.

Break time from the dancing so I took them off for another little session at night outside and inside, phew.. rest time…

Oh more dancing! Rock’n’roll band this time. Another first dance. Ian couldn’t resist, he jumped on the drums this time. And sang.

Dancing and doughnuts and rain and fun and dancing. That’s all ya need right?  🙂 x

01_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 02_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 03_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 04_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 05_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 06_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 07_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 08_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 09_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 10_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 11_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 12_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 13_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 14_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 15_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 16_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 17_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 18_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 19_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 20_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 21_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 22_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 23_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography