Updates from the life of a busy photographer

It’s the truth, we do put in way more effort than any other photographer we know!

Is it just me that feels wiped out on a Monday? Weddings never used to wear me out like this, I put it down to the warm weather!

Friday’s wedding was a blast and a standard loooooong day for us, so maybe it’s how much effort and concentration we put into our full days that is the cause of me being so wiped out after. Hand on heart, we put in way more effort than any other photographers we know- we seriously do! More effort with our clients and their guests to keep them relaxed and not make the photography a chore (even the formals!) and we put in longer days too than the rest of them, it all adds up y’know and it’s not easy but this is what makes us unique to the others. I really should shout more about this but I’m never one to self-promote like that, we’ll let out testimonials/recommendations do the talking.

There’ll be a future blog arriving soon with some kool imagery from Friday’s wedding, so that’s it for today as I’m in dire need for caffeine so off to pop the kettle on… TTFN 🙂 x

Wedding photography at Careys Manor, New Forest

First time for us doing our wedding photography thing at Careys Manor down in the New Forest part of Hampshire! I do love shooting down in the New Forest as there is always something to go and shoot against/with down there, and Nick and Olivia’s wedding was no different. The New Forest was perfect for these guys as Nick is quite the outdoor chap/bushcraft dude so Careys Manor hit the spot.

A beautiful early morning to drive down through with low-lying mist hugging the scenery and azure blue skies above- pretty much picture perfect! I knew the mist would burn off, and the forecast said no rain so all was groovy, bit chilly, but groovy none-the-less.

The blue skies and dewy ground worked great for some outdoor detail shots as did the oak paneling and dark furniture of inside, so we nailed those and the usual bridal preps before I legged it off to shoot the dudes being all calm and dude-like. With that sorted and a lovely ceremony downstairs, followed by selfies, followed by a loooong confetti line, followed by some naturals, followed by a couple of family formals, followed by a few portraits at Careys and then we decided to all bundle in the car and head out into the New Forest for some scenery stuff.

We ended up outside Balmer Lawns Hotel as the stream there is pretty with exposed banks and gnarly, skeletal trees and there happened to be a couple of foraging ponies mooching about which was a particular request from Olivia if we could find any. Nailed.

A quick stop-off for a walking style scenery shot (Nick request) and back to Careys for them to chill’n’scoff’n’speech’n’chill’n’cake’n’dance, oh with a few friends formals and a sparkler fencing fight thrown in and home time for a well-earned beer back at CSiHQ…


Fab wedding at a great venue, with a kool bunch of folk and some awesome weather.. what’s not to like about that eh  🙂 x

01_careys_manor_wedding_photography 02_careys_manor_wedding_photography 03_careys_manor_wedding_photography 04_careys_manor_wedding_photography 05_careys_manor_wedding_photography 06_careys_manor_wedding_photography 07_careys_manor_wedding_photography 08_careys_manor_wedding_photography 09_careys_manor_wedding_photography 10_careys_manor_wedding_photography 11_careys_manor_wedding_photography 12_careys_manor_wedding_photography 13_careys_manor_wedding_photography 14_careys_manor_wedding_photography 15_careys_manor_wedding_photography 16_careys_manor_wedding_photography 17_careys_manor_wedding_photography 18_careys_manor_wedding_photography 19_careys_manor_wedding_photography 20_careys_manor_wedding_photography 21_careys_manor_wedding_photography 22_careys_manor_wedding_photography 23_careys_manor_wedding_photography 24_careys_manor_wedding_photography 25_careys_manor_wedding_photography 26_careys_manor_wedding_photography 27_careys_manor_wedding_photography 28_careys_manor_wedding_photography 29_careys_manor_wedding_photography 30_careys_manor_wedding_photography 31_careys_manor_wedding_photography 32_careys_manor_wedding_photography 33_careys_manor_wedding_photography 34_careys_manor_wedding_photography 35_careys_manor_wedding_photography 36_careys_manor_wedding_photography 37_careys_manor_wedding_photography 38_careys_manor_wedding_photography 39_careys_manor_wedding_photography 40_careys_manor_wedding_photography

A lil’crotch-pot cooking…

F**k me Saturday’s wedding was warm!!! We melted. It was warm. It was hotter than the sun it seemed. We had a lil’bit of crotch-pot cooking going on. We drank and sweated our body weights in/out/fluids. Sweated. Melted. Squinted. Sweated some more, and finally at 11pm we drove home with air-con at full blast.

Holy sh*tballs it was bright & sunny & hot!

A totally fab day though shooting Joe & Lucy’s wedding at Ufton Court– an amazing new venue for us to shoot at and looking forward to sharing their Collection in a future blog…

Wedding photography at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel

“People try to put us down, talking about my generation wedding photography at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel” doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?!!? The Who 1 – Such 0…

Jef & Ann did indeed do the deed at the Portsmouth Marriott, turning up on a Vespa steed, well actually, a load of them! Scooters galore rocked up for this wedding as the sun was shining luckily! The happy couple were members of the local Gosport scooter club and their fellow member friends turned up in convoy to celebrate the day with them- blaady scooters everywhere!!

But our day began with bridal preps in the hotel, bright’n’early as standard, shooting Ann and her entourage having hair/makeup sorted and the usual details we love to capture. A text from Jef to inform us the scooter convoy had just left Gosport, so a finish off of details and I left Sarah to continue with the bridal stuff, whilst I trotted off downstairs to catch the convoy arrival and shoot some groomsmen stuff.

All that sorted and into their ceremony… one petal at a time 😉

Naturals, a few formals, a sh*t load of rain outside, gale force winds, tornado most probably, bikes flying past the window, a small dog named Toto escaping from a bicycle basket and onto their Wedding Breakfast and a well-earned sit down rest whilst they scoffed. There was a rumour about a Scot buying a round of drinks! *faints*

So, speeches nailed, evening guests rock up and we whisked Jef & Ann away for a portrait sesh around the hotel (couldn’t use much of outside, had to watch out for flying monkeys!) and then it was time for dancing.

Now this dancing malarkey- think Mods, Skinheads, Northern Soul, scootery type folk, baaaaaarels of ale and a Kinks tribute band adorned in frilly shirts and velvet suits…

I think Jef won the music choice as no Bon Jovi was played… 😉

Fab day, fab couple, fab music, crappy weather but who gives a **** eh, it’s the memories maaaan  🙂 x

01_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 02_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 03_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 04_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 05_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 06_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 07_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 08_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 09_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 10_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 11_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 12_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 13_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 14_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 15_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography 16_portsmouth_marriott_hotel_wedding_photography

Wedding photography at the Botley Park Hotel, Hampshire

It’s been a year or so since we last shot some wedding photography at the Botley Park Hotel, so it was a bit of a surprise when I did a reccy visit a couple of weeks prior to Ian & Niki’s wedding to check out what’s new over there- they seem to have sold off the golf course to a housing developer who are in full-swing (no golf pun intended) building mode!!! No more golf course to use for the photography aspect!! Oh well it rained anyway!!

So scarred land aside, what did Ian & Niki’s day hold for us? Well… they originally didn’t require any of the bridal preps being captured, but I managed to time it so I caught a bit of them (I like to shoot some if I can get away with it) so en route to their church, I quickly stopped by Botley Park to shoot a couple of groom details and a sneaky bit of Ian getting ready, a quick few with his Groomsmen and then made a pit-stop at Niki’s parent’s home to catch a little bit of that too, her horse and carriage arriving etc. before I continued my journey to their church to await the arrivals. A horse and carriage takes an age so no rush was required on my behalf (v.unusual on a wedding day!)

All pretty standard stuff, with arrivals, a few naturals, their ceremony, naturals afterwards, a few close formals and making sure I left before they did as I did not wish to be stuck behind their horse and carriage transport back to Botley Park!! Most did not have this wedding wisdom!

It started raining. Bo****ks.

I’ve shot hundreds and hundreds of weddings, many on a rainy day, and it still irks me when the heavens open. Ya just gotta roll with it, nothing can be done, so make the memories for them in the rain instead and have some fun..

We did.

A break in the rain.

“Get your arses outside, grab that brolly and follow me you two..”

We used the hidden orchard area for a brief stint of couple portraits and then back inside again.

Another break in the rain. And lovely sunshine!!!

Oh they are sat down, eating.

So we had speeches, loads of kool naturals inside (thank that skylight bathing the bar area with natural light!) doughnuts for Niki, cake and dancing. Dancing. Lots of dancing. Did I mention dancing? Well, they had dancing. It was their thing (apart from doughnuts)… dancing.

Ian is a member of two bands, one a cèilidh/céilí (no idea if Scottish or Irish!) and the other a rock’n’roll covers band so they kicked off with a massive cèilidh/céilí thingy as their first dance. Hectic from the start, get everyone involved. Sweating.

Ian couldn’t resist and grabbed a bass guitar and joined in. Usher dude was the Caller and fiddle player and everyone joined in dancing. That went on for ages, everyone was sweating, it was hot, I was sweating, stick on a CD.

Break time from the dancing so I took them off for another little session at night outside and inside, phew.. rest time…

Oh more dancing! Rock’n’roll band this time. Another first dance. Ian couldn’t resist, he jumped on the drums this time. And sang.

Dancing and doughnuts and rain and fun and dancing. That’s all ya need right?  🙂 x

01_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 02_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 03_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 04_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 05_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 06_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 07_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 08_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 09_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 10_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 11_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 12_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 13_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 14_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 15_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 16_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 17_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 18_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 19_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 20_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 21_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 22_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography 23_botley_park_hotel_wedding_photography

May the Force be with you

May the Force be with you? Yes it was on Saturday… Force 10 gale winds!! The reference was to Luke & Jennie’s subtle wedding theme on Saturday; a touch of Star Wars. Although the Best Man James must’ve ignored the memo, as he was rocking Star Trek for the day.. anyway, more of that when I come to write their blog properly. For now, it was windy down on Southsea seafront… f.ing windy!

So that was fun!

Right best catch up quick on some gardening as have clients at HQ this week and it looks like a scene from Jumanji out there, like seriously, rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, 10ft grass in two weeks, ffs, there a stack of editing and admin. to sort out and I’m doing bloody gardening. Where’s a Mexican when you need one…

“it’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder, how I keep from going under… a-huh etc”

This.. must.. be.. the.. sh*test.. blog.. post.. I.. have.. even.. ‘penned’.. even.. by.. my.. blog.. standards! Caffeine.


Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day

So in the words of The Mamas and the Papas, “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day” (you know you just sung those words!) it’s frickin’ raining on a Bank Holiday Monday! Oh well, we find ourselves working anyway as we spent all day shooting a fabulous wedding at Old Thorns (again!) on Saturday and Sunday doing a spot of DIY in between the rain as we needed a well earned day off after a rather late finish on Saturday!

Weddings man, I love ’em and all that, but f**k me they tire me out! I’m not complaining by the way, this is one of those smiley-faced mini-rants, I often tangenate off on. I put so much thought and energy into a wedding, so much of myself into the day- quite often unnoticeably, as I’m thinking 5 steps ahead with various options as weddings have to be fluid if you want them to be fun for the couple and their guests; no standard sh*t with us! It’s exhausting man…

They are fun though, and that’s why I’m still doing them after all these years and all those different weddings, those fab couples, the v.rare days that knock you back and make you question your choices, the weather, oh man the weather… but yeah I’m still shooting them, still pushing forward, still evolving, still learning, ever onward and upward I say.

Cuppa time methinks, I need a hit of caffeine for the next job on my Monday list. Cutting a bit short, but I’ve just seen the time and I have a stack of admin. stuff to nail today, so TTFN 🙂 x

Wedding photography at Old Thorns again.. I know right!

Hey guess what? Yup, wedding photography at Old Thorns again!! I know right, “boring, yawn” I hear you cry, but NO, you hush those thoughts! Every wedding and every couple are different, so it does not matter if we seem to shoot there all the time, we put in 100% at each wedding we shoot. Obviously our venue knowledge reigns supreme and we know most of the wonderful staff up there, which makes an Old Thorns wedding easier for us and better for our clients and wedding guests, but anyway that’s not the point…

Mini-rant aside (done with a smile on my face of course!) and not sure what point I was making there either, I find myself sat here with the proverbial writers pen in my hand, with a touch of writers block, and it seems I’m just typing words of absolutely no use to this blog or indeed to any of you poor souls who thought, “hey I’ll read that latest blog from Such” today I even apologise for the past two paragraphs of drivel!!

Great idea… coffee & a biscuit and return here in half an hour… brb…

I FOUND SWISS ROLL… double-strength coffee [yuk] and Swiss Roll! Swiss frickin’ Roll!! I am alright now and ready to proceed.

Alex & Sarah’s day up at OT began with some total Zen. A 30min Yoga sesh with Sarah, her bridesmaids and her Yoga instructor, who drove up to Zen the bride. We had Tibetan bowl stuff, kool-ass music vibe, joss-sticks and even a bit of exiting gas during a Downward Dog. Yeah, yeah it’s natural, I know that, but c’mon, who doesn’t have an internal giggle when someone lets rip, especially when all is quiet… so that aside, yoga went well, meditating bit happened and then they properly scoffed their faces, Full English style! You go girls! I did capture some of all this, but let them stuff sausages into their mouths in peace whilst I went and shot details- dress (an Ian Stuart Raphaella no less!) fancy shoes and jewellery, all those pretty things. Hair/makeup nailed, naturals captured, details sorted and time to bugger off and shoot Alex the groom.

Shoes (kool red buggers too) rings, naturals, getting ready stuff with some totally awesome harsh lighting that created some epic captures of Alex getting ready with his best man and his son all matching’n’fancy too. Quick skip back to Sarah to catch that amaze dress and down to the Champagne Bar for their ceremony.

F**k me the lighting!!! How harsh and direct can light be! Jeez.. I’m not complaining now, having seen the dramatic images I captured, but at the time it was mental! In and out more times than Ron Jeremy and about a 5stop change each time it decided to pop out, blind us, and bugger off behind a thick cloud again. That wore me out with furious wheel spinning and constant exposure changes for 30mins. I’m worn out reminiscing about it! But yeah, epic imagery captured though! Ripe for black and white conversion… fruity!

Those clouds looked ominous, so post-ceremony we exited stage left, jumped in the buggy and warp sped over to the other side of the course to hide in the bushes trying to avoid being hit in the face with balls (and that’s not another Ron Jeremy euphemism, the course was packed with golfers!) and grab a few naturals among the stunning backdrops that Old Thorns offers… saucy!

Back to shoot a couple of formals and, “release the bride and groom to their ravenous hoard” (oh I’m soooo dramatic today, I blame the Swiss Roll sugar rush!) whilst I wandered about shooting their reception room details (which was held in the enormous Grand Ballroom) before going to lay down melodramatically and recover from the in’n’out (stop it!) light I had to deal with earlier.

Speeches nailed, another quick sesh with the lovely couple using some of their props they brought for displaying around the room (kool props I add, not Photo Booth glasses and hats etc.) and some low sun/silhouette action and then another rest until the full evening kicked off… cheeky!

Dancing. Confetti cannon. Yup. It was the one thing that Sarah had wished for, and Alex surprised her with it on the dance floor. She loved it, I think more than anything. It’s the small things that make the biggest impression. She was soooo happy!

Excuse the whinging about the light, it really was hectic to deal with, but I’m a seasoned pro so I dealt with it; that aside, it was a truly epic day with a bunch of epic people and a wonderfully epic couple at an epic venue… memories man, it’s all about the memories… 🙂 x

01_old_thorns_wedding 02_old_thorns_wedding 03_old_thorns_wedding 04_old_thorns_wedding 05_old_thorns_wedding 06_old_thorns_wedding 07_old_thorns_wedding 08_old_thorns_wedding 09_old_thorns_wedding 10_old_thorns_wedding 11_old_thorns_wedding 12_old_thorns_wedding 13_old_thorns_wedding 14_old_thorns_wedding 15_old_thorns_wedding 16_old_thorns_wedding 17_old_thorns_wedding 18_old_thorns_wedding 19_old_thorns_wedding 20_old_thorns_wedding 21_old_thorns_wedding 22_old_thorns_wedding 23_old_thorns_wedding 24_old_thorns_wedding 25_old_thorns_wedding 26_old_thorns_wedding 27_old_thorns_wedding 28_old_thorns_wedding 29_old_thorns_wedding 30_old_thorns_wedding

Holy wowzers, what a weekend hashtag frazzled!

I’m frazzled today, we’re frazzled today; today is a day off to recover from being frazzled, after an exceptionally frazzling weekend. So yes, very much a, “holy wowzers, what a weekend!” indeed and the hashtag frazzled comment has been earned #frazzled.

I’m going to keep this short’n’sweet (like my ‘lighting girl’ lol) as no amount of caffeine is going to help today!

So why are we so frazzled today you ask? Well, let me give you the run down…

Saturday was our largest wedding of this year; 176 day guest up at Old Thorns with an early start and a late finish, throw in some rain forecasting and hey presto, a tiring day for us. A fab day, but a tricky and tiring one none-the-less. Follow that with an early start on the Sunday for a new (well, a new old one I should say) PMN wedding show at Goodwood Racecourse with lots of happy chatting and, BOOM, a v.tired Such trying to write my Monday blog. Trying? Struggling more like!

Y’know what? I’m going to give up today with this work malarkey, I need a cuppa and feeding… over and out 🙂 x

Wedding photography at The Royal Berkshire, Ascot by Chris Such Images

A jaunt up to Berkshire for the Chris Such Images duo to do their wedding photography thing at this kool wedding at the Royal Berkshire nr. Ascot.. phew.. mouthful that was, did it even make sense?

Oh well, opening line blunder aside, this was a short’n’sweet wedding for Simon and Beth, as only a half day of shooting was required. Lay in. Home earlyish (is that even a word?) I must need more caffeine or something, this is not flowing well today!

Let’s try again..

Church start. Yellow socks. Blue suits. Bunch of dudes. Chilled. Chics in different coloured bridesmaid dresses. Beth arrives. Smiles galore. No nerves. Is Simon nervous? Nope. Kool.

Ceremony, lovely light inside the church for us. Me up front. Sarah at the rear. Nailed it. Outside for some quickie formals and then off we trotted to The Royal Berkshire for drinks, a few more quickie formals, a jaunt with Simon & Beth for some relaxed portraits and then rest time for us whilst they scoffed. Speeches. Amateur Dramatic Dad. Facial expressions. Another quickie portrait session with Simon & Beth around the interior spaces and outside in the dark stuff. Cake. Dance. Dancing. Finished! Hugs, kisses all round and back to the car for the jaunt home. Narrowly avoided death from a huge-ass tractor lane crossing in the Hindhead tunnel (that was f***ing close I sh*t you not!!!) and a quick stop after in a late night opening convenience store to purchase a bottle of wine for Sarah to swig to calm her shaking hands and nerves. That was seriously close!

Oh well, a fantastic wedding and a lovely couple and families equals fab memories captured by us for them… apart from the tractor (huge bas***d it was!) 🙂

01_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 02_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 03_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 04_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 05_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 06_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 07_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 08_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 09_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 10_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 11_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 12_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 13_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 14_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 15_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 16_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 17_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 18_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 19_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 20_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 21_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography 22_Royal_Berkshire_Ascot_wedding_photography