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Where the **** did 2018 go?

Holy s**t, where did 2018 disappear to? Can anyone explain how time is accelerating? Are we flying through the universe faster and if so how come the clocks are speeding up? Any wise sages among us?

So, 2018 kicked my a**e completely, well not the first half, but oh my oh my, the second half well and truly beat the hell out of me!! Learned a few lessons, changing a few things, not going through that again…

And with last years trials and tribulations a savage memory burned upon my consciousness, we move forward with lessons learned toward a brighter future in a jolly and enthusiastic mood, looking forward to what this year will bring, the kool stuff we’re going to shoot, the awesome people we’re going to meet and of course you lot as always! Some of you are new to the gang (welcome/aloha/howdy to you), some of you are recent (hello again) and some of you are regulars (word up m*********ers), but of course you are all awesome!

I know it’s been a few months since I last penned one of these to you lot (blame the a**e-kicking second half of last year for that) so figured I best wish you all a Happy New Year an’all that as we’re already one week deep into 2019 already- we’ve all survived so far, only another fifty one of them remaining…

So what exciting stuff have you got happening this year? I know a stack of you have weddings to continue planning, some of you have albums to help design, some of you are way past that and just reading this on a tea break, maybe there are small ones due, small ones already here, small ones not quite as small, small things or families or pets (fur babies?) that you are looking forward to having a shoot with this year, who knows eh? Obviously if there’s anything non-wedding related to shoot that is on your to-do-list for 2019 then you know to holler at me or Sarah (Sarah is waaay better at the squidgy or furry portraiture than I am) and it’s always nice to see your faces again.

Right, my coffee is now cold so I best crack on with the next task. I still have weddings to edit so I can compile a best of 2018 (we shot some amazing stuff last year), albums to design, some of you to email and a Product Guide to go through for a 2019 refresh; we’re binning off some products, changing suppliers for our wall-hanging options (the wonderful and amazing Graphistudio are now offering awesome wall stuff) and generally trying to minimise and simplify stuff which is really bloody hard!!!

Go have an awesome day, be chill and sending out big hugs to you lot from Sarah and I.. until next time you lot…

Portrait shoot in the woods, Four Marks, Hampshire – Jamie, Nat & Hallie the Boxer dog

A lovely portrait shoot yesterday in the woods nr. Four Marks, Hampshire for Jamie and Nat (and their dog Hallie!) I shot J&N’s wedding back in March, and they asked me to do a portrait shoot of them, which is always awesome to be asked to do. Nat was really keen to have a shoot in autumn and we chose a lovely spot near where they live, a woodland area where they regularly walk Hallie. We were sooo lucky with the weather, and timed our shoot to catch sunset. I didn’t have any local knowledge for this shoot, so it was a case of rocking up and shooting spontaneously (which I make no secret about enjoying!). Luckily the area was gorgeous and I could choose my light direction. What we captured was full of colour, a moment caught in the woods of Four Marks. I bloody love Hampshire I do 🙂 x








Newborn portrait shoot in Eastleigh, Hampshire – Harry

Harry was not a happy boy this morning! I photographed his Mum and Dad’s wedding two years ago, so it was great to be asked to photograph their newborn son. We did plan our shoot time to Harry’s best time of the day but, alas, today he was not in the mood for it. Not every portrait shoot goes to plan! 🙂 x






Family portrait session on Hayling Beach, Hampshire – the Barney’s

I’d already photographed Esme at 6mnths, and was asked to photograph her again today as she had her 1st Birthday last week and we wanted to use her helium Birthday Balloon. It was a glorious day today and the Barney’s were my second jaunt over to Hayling Island to shoot a family portrait session, although both sessions were shot at different locations.

This was Esme’s first experience of sand and we used a secluded sandy spot I know (used it a few times before) and with some lovely backlit light from a lowish sun filled in with a wink of off-camera fill, we created some lovely memories for the Barney’s 🙂 x








Family portrait session on Hayling Beach, Hampshire – the Constables

First family portrait shoot of the day done- quick break before my next one this afternoon to pen a blog post!

I’ll be shooting Jon & Kerri’s wedding next month up at Old Thorns Manor Hotel which has an amazing backdrop for my photography, and being mainly green and trees, we chose a beach/seaside backdrop for this portrait session as something a bit different for them. Jon, Kerri and their son Josh (Jon’s Best Man next month) trucked down south for the morning to CSiHQ and we all jumped in my car and headed over to Hayling Island to see what we could find. I did have a plan as much as having a couple of ideas for locations (local knowledge again) and as usual just made it up on the spot. I went with a more suggestive style to get them used to how I’ll be on their wedding day- suggestive not directive! They seemed to be fine with it, although Kerri did just mention as they left, that previously the thought of being posed would’ve horrified her! My calming natural style of posing must work hahaha…

So three portrait locations later and a quick cuppa whilst I wait for my next shoot, and I’ll be back over there this afternoon (have a different location planned this time (local knowledge does reign supreme sometimes!)

🙂 x









Summer portrait photography, Hampshire – Charlie & Paygen

OK, I admit, I love to shoot outdoors on location- there is a certain buzz that comes with not knowing what the outcome from a shoot will be. Yes of course I have a plan, and generally choose areas I have knowledge of so I can be spontaneous, yet still have a plan(ish) but I never know what the result will be- that is the buzz for me when shooting a portrait session, the thrill of creating something fresh, on the spot, at that moment.

Charlie and Paygen are due to be married in a few days time and fancied having having a pre-wedding warm-up shoot. We chatted about the virtues of different backdrops and they went for a woodland scene look. We drove to Queen Elizabeth Country Park and started there, but the light just wasn’t doing it for me yesterday so we jumped back in the car and went for a drive to find somewhere different. Luckily I know the area (the planning bit) and we found a couple of farmer’s fields and chased the sunset to create some kool’n’dramatic images for them.

So from an idea of a woodland backdrop we evolved to a cornfield and the results were all the better for it. Summer portrait photography in a Hampshire cornfield at sunset… can’t get better than that! 🙂 x






Family portrait shoot in Fareham, Hampshire – the Allgood’s

I’m shooting Trefor & Donna’s wedding in a few weeks, so as a trial run for them, we did a family portrait sesison in the grounds of their Victorian home yesterday. Just natural and relaxed, with a v.slight bit of suggestion on some stuff. I’ve mentioned it before about the buzz I get from walking into the unknown on a shoot, there is something testing about rocking up to somewhere and not knowing what I’m going to do with it! Some shoots have direction but this was more biased toward natural with a family of 5 being themselves in their home. Looking forward to shooting their wedding in a few weeks 🙂 x

01-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

02-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

03-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

04-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

05-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

06-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

07-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

08-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

Prom photography, Hampshire – Grace

Grace is a local lass and this was her prom night (she goes to my old school also, so very local) and her Mum really wanted some great shots of her all kitted out dressed to impress, so being extremely local this was easilky accomodated one warm and fine July evening.  I ended up only shooting Grace as her friend was running late so my idea of taking them both out for some quirky backdrop shooting fell to the wayside and I shot Gracve inside her home to keep her from melting her makeup off in the glorious heat outside.  A refreshing change to have only a 30min shoot and then a 5min drive back here to HQ!  I should do more of these!!  🙂

Family portrait photography in the woods, Hampshire

A sunny and warm day yesterday was perfect for a stroll through the woods with the Ford/Scott family.  This was their first ‘proper’ shoot all together as a family and the brief was ‘keep it natural’ which was just as well with five children running about!  We chose some woods close to us for convenience, met up and just made it up on the spot as we walked about, all very natural and relaxed.  I do love shooting natural backdrops, and the countryside around Hampshire offers a myriad of variety so we are very lucky indeed.  Another family portrait session nailed in a relaxed and natural way in the woods of Hampshire… until next time… 🙂

Portrait photography, Hampshire – Alfie

I shot Alfie’s parent’s wedding 10yrs ago and have photographed various things for them over the years so it’s a great privilege to do a portrait of their young son.  Alfie is rather an energetic lad so our portrait session was full of funny faces being pulled, and plenty of stops whilst he was bouncing off the walls.  Kids eh haha 🙂