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Another amazing wedding show at Old Thorns

Yesterday saw us rock another amazing wedding show at Old Thorns #secondhome with it being the biggest one yet- 80 exhibitors and 1000 brides through the door!!!!  Crazy times!!!!

We had current clients rock up and say hi also as they continued their journey of wedding planning, and a couple of friends surprise hi as they check out Old Thorns as their wedding venue; always lovely to see and say hi again.

Cuppa is calling and I have a stack of emails to ping out now… I’ll try harder next time to write something worth reading- this one is proper sh*t 🙂

Holy wowzers, what a weekend hashtag frazzled!

I’m frazzled today, we’re frazzled today; today is a day off to recover from being frazzled, after an exceptionally frazzling weekend. So yes, very much a, “holy wowzers, what a weekend!” indeed and the hashtag frazzled comment has been earned #frazzled.

I’m going to keep this short’n’sweet (like my ‘lighting girl’ lol) as no amount of caffeine is going to help today!

So why are we so frazzled today you ask? Well, let me give you the run down…

Saturday was our largest wedding of this year; 176 day guest up at Old Thorns with an early start and a late finish, throw in some rain forecasting and hey presto, a tiring day for us. A fab day, but a tricky and tiring one none-the-less. Follow that with an early start on the Sunday for a new (well, a new old one I should say) PMN wedding show at Goodwood Racecourse with lots of happy chatting and, BOOM, a v.tired Such trying to write my Monday blog. Trying? Struggling more like!

Y’know what? I’m going to give up today with this work malarkey, I need a cuppa and feeding… over and out 🙂 x

Wedding show at Lainston House, Hampshire

Yet another totally dull update after yesterdays wedding show at Lainston House, which saw us showing off as usual with our awesome display of epicness. Lainston House is a gorgeous venue, close to Winchester in Hampshire and offers tasty locations and backdrops for wedding photography- I do like shooting weddings there, hence attending the wedding show yesterday!

So, fingers crossed we convert some of the interested couples and get to shoot there again soon.

Short and sweet today.. ttfn… 🙂

Wedding show at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook, Hampshire

Yup another dull update afer another amazing wedding show at Old Thorns. We kicked ass as always, with our caffeine-fuelled wit and enthusiasm, oh and amazing work on display! We chatted to looooooads of couples and entourages! I soooo should get commission from Old Thorns for bigging them up so much as I always do, I don’t I should add!!  Fab venue anyway and I know it soooo well. Struggling with words today. I’m going to give up. Must try harder next time! I’m soooo crap at this 🙂 x

Wedding show at New Place, Shedfield, Hampshire

It’s been a couple of years since we last did a wedding show at New Place, but true to form it was another fab show with plenty of couples to chat to and other exhibitors to ignore (except the ones we like obviously!!) Nah only kidding.. or am I? I think I’ve had too much caffeine this morning so I best keep it short before I bounce off on a tangent of meaningless. Cheers for stopping to chat to Sarah and I and that’s all folks. Caffeine hit time. 🙂 x

Wedding show at Lainston House, Hampshire

Lainston House is a gorgeous venue, stunning in fact and a joy to photograph weddings at, so of course we decided to try out the latest addition to the PMN Wedding Fayres portfolio! Met some new suppliers, chatted to couples and genrally showed off (standard).  Cannot be arsed to write a long drawn out and dull post today, I need more caffeine before I attempt that, so I’ll sign off for now with a thank you and I best crack on with my Monday admin.duties!  Laterzzzzz 🙂 x

Another wedding show at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook, Hampshire

Another wedding show at Old Thorns yesterday. Always busy. Thank you….

*Dramatic pause to go fetch another cuppa*

Another crazy-busy wedding show at Old Thorns yesterday with loads of couples chatted to and contact details taken to bombard with information today! Thank you to everyone who came and chatted to Sarah and I, we have a load of details to input and pester now. Watch those junk folders for stuff you don’t think you need but you’re going to receive anyway, and then realise how useful they really are, and then commission us to shoot your magical day. You know it makes sense!!  TTFN 🙂 x

Wedding show at Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Liphook, Hampshire

Gotta love a wedding fayre/show, whatever you wish to term it, up at Old Thorns Manor Hotel- always stacked with loads of folk to chat to! Yesterday was mental-busy and today I’m struggling to wake my head up and come up with anything to write about, let alone anything interesting to write about!! So maybe I’ll keep it brief and just say a thank you to everyone who attended the show, especially those who chatted to Sarah and I.  I best go ping out some information emails to you lot… TTFN… #brief

Old Thorns wedding show

Holy sh*tballs… now that was a wedding show!  I’ve been attending (showing off at some might say) wedding shows/fayres for the past 15 years, and in the last few years, show attendance/interest at shows has seen a decline.  It’s not that less couples are venturing out to attend shows, but the saturation of the market with numerous wedding shows every weekend- some utter crap and not promoted, many mediocre, a few high end and fabulous, and a million venue open days to choose from.  Not to mention online ease!

So it was awesome to have one that really kicked ass again.  PMN Wedding Fayres always promote heavily and certainly organise some of the best wedding shows around (of which we do a few of the best ones) and Old Thorns Manor Hotel is a fab award winning venue we love shooting at, which we do numerous times each year, so has appeal and draws couples from a wide area to get married there.  Yeah ok, it does help we’re recommended by them, but we do an awesome job, know the venue extremely well, know the staff and how they run weddings, which is a seriously beneficial attribute on a hectic wedding day, to help keep everything ticking along smoothly.  Trust us, we’re all pros!

Thanks guys for an epic show, and thank you to those of you reading this who left us your contact details… we’ll be in touch 🙂

Solent Hotel Wedding Show

Good Arvo…

We are having a busy day here at the Solent Hotel & Spa, lots of exhibitors and exciting products on offer.

Such a lovely venue and always a good one for us – come say hi…!