Wedding F.A.Q’s


  1. Q) Why a professional photographer rather than a friend/relative?
    A) By hiring a professional you are not only getting piece of mind that we have ‘been there and done that’ (we know how to react when the unforeseen happens) but you are also paying for a guaranteed standard of work. We are professional and experts in our craft and you are paying for our experience and training and how we implement that on your wedding day.


  1. Q) How do I choose a photographer?
    A) Every photographer and client is different. Look at their portfolio, their manner, and their prices. Pick one who ticks all the boxes for you. The last thing you want is a photographer you don’t like, trying to get a smile from you! Chris has written a short guide with this topic in mind. Contact us to request an electronic copy.


  1. Q) How far do you travel?
    A) We undertake commissions all over the UK and abroad.


  1. Q) How far in advance should we book?
    A) As soon as you have a date set! Weekends during school holidays (August is the busiest month) and half-terms/bank holidays are always the first dates to get booked up.


  1. Q) How do I book?
    A) Telephone/email us to inquire about your date and we can take it from there.


  1. Q) Do I have to pay a deposit?
    A) A £200 booking fee secures your day in our diary.


  1. Q) Our wedding venue has requested proof of insurance from our wedding suppliers. Is this something you have?
  2. A) We have full business insurance cover; Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, equipment theft on/off location, and motor vehicle insurance for business use.


  1. Q) Who will take the pictures on our wedding day?
    A) Primary photography at weddings is by Chris and help from a second photographer on all-day weddings can be requested.


  1. Q) What happens if you are ill on the day?
  2. A) In all the many years we have been shooting weddings, Chris has only ever once had to call in another photographer to cover him (18yrs ago!) Now there are two of us photographing weddings together and as Chris says, “not even a broken limb will stop me shooting a wedding with two of us” Fingers crossed we never have to test this out.


  1. Q) How do we view our wedding pictures?
    A) We upload to a dedicated online gallery with an awesome slideshow option or here at CSiHQ on the projector.


  1. Q) Do you offer images in an album or on USB?
    A) Both, although we are heavily weighted toward our clients having fantastic and personalised printed albums alongside their USB.


  1. Q) Who designs and makes your wedding albums?
  2. A) All wedding album/book designs are by Chris who then sends them off to Italy to be handmade/finished by our album supplier GraphiStudio


  1. Q) How awesome are you?
    A) Very.


  1. Q) Are you sure about the awesome bit?
  2. A) Yes.

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