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Family portrait shoot in Fareham, Hampshire – the Allgood’s

I’m shooting Trefor & Donna’s wedding in a few weeks, so as a trial run for them, we did a family portrait sesison in the grounds of their Victorian home yesterday. Just natural and relaxed, with a v.slight bit of suggestion on some stuff. I’ve mentioned it before about the buzz I get from walking into the unknown on a shoot, there is something testing about rocking up to somewhere and not knowing what I’m going to do with it! Some shoots have direction but this was more biased toward natural with a family of 5 being themselves in their home. Looking forward to shooting their wedding in a few weeks 🙂 x

01-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

02-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

03-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

04-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

05-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

06-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

07-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

08-chris-such-images-hampshire-west-sussex-surrey-portrait photographer

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