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Throw a wedding in your back garden

Finchdean in Hampshire is your typical quiet English country village, with not a lot happening usually, save for the occasional meat raffle at the local pub (full of the locals) and gangs of lycra-clad cyclists whizzing past dog walkers and tractors pulling out of fields- yup that’s about all that happens in Finchdean. 


Yesterday was a different story though… Olly grew up in Finchdean and returned a few years ago to live in the old family home. The entire village was in outcry, “What’s this? A young couple moving into the village, parking their modern cars everywhere, using our local pub? Outrageous, something must be done!” 


You see, Olly owns a Mercedes sales/servicing business and Pauline owns a chauffeur business so between the pair of them, the village has Mercedes parked everywhere. Their solution to keep the locals happy was to offer them all wicked deals on Mercs & servicing, so the Mercedes population grew but the locals were now happy with the ‘villagers rates’ Olly offered- double whammy boom all sorted now! 


So why was yesterday different? Well, the village pub has a rather large rear garden area so the plan was to throw an outdoor rustic wedding and invite the village, so they didn’t complain about the noise especially with a band playing all evening! Not that many of them dug a Madness tribute band I’d imagine, oh well, the thought was there, and it worked anyway so who cares haha… 


Full day for us so the usual morning preps of both of them but it was awesome as we parked up in the village and only had to walk a few steps between where Olly was getting ready, where Pauline was getting ready and the pub over the road. Fantastic! 


They had decorated the pub garden amazingly- like seriously amazing! We had a huge marquee, hay bales everywhere, oil drums painted up in wedding colours, lights, candles, banners, everywhere- it looked amazing. Thankfully we had glorious sunshine yesterday as it’s raining today and yesterday would have been a very different story indeed if it had rained. 


But we had glorious sunshine so the outdoor ceremony was awesome with everyone sitting on hay bales in a circles around them, and drinks flowed all afternoon as guests enjoyed the gorgeous weather and setting, the hog roast sit down meal with the marquee sides folded up gave a wonderful outdoor vibe, kids hurling themselves around on the bouncy castle, the south facing garden sunshine all day, entertainment in the evening, all contributed to an amazing day that is up there on our favourites list. Right on guys, right on…7

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