Thank you for clicking through to find out more on how/what/why we shoot what we shoot for our wonderful clientele.  It’s a minefield right?  There are varying levels of service, pricing structures, options and products offered etc. by the vast number of photography businesses out there to choose from, I’m sure the task of how to choose who is right for you, is a touch daunting!  After all, a wedding day is a rather important day in a couple’s lives, so who do you entrust to capture these once in a lifetime memories?

Your first task is to create a shortlist of photographers whose work you really dig, a portfolio of work that resonates with how you imagine your wedding will look- the feel of how you want it to be, if you like.  Having narrowed down to a smaller list, you can then get in contact to find out what options are offered and arrange to meet up to chat further about your ideas and how they can be worked into your wedding day and also ask advice on aspects you are unsure of possibly.

We always recommend meeting up face-to-face with your shortlist of photographers (or at least arrange a video call if you live a distance away) as it is far easier to gauge the person/business and the products they offer by doing so.  You can also ‘put them on the spot’ and fire questions at them to see how well they know weddings (very easy to answer via email with a bit of research), doing so instantly with a prospective client in person shows professional knowledge and expertise.  You can also talk more about your day and what you’re after/chat ideas etc. easier than one can at a wedding show, via email/phone etc.  We have display albums here that couples can browse through over a coffee and biscuits- we always love sitting down to hear a couple’s ideas and to chat about their upcoming wedding day.  Quite often couples walk away with new ideas after chatting and browsing.

So how do we approach wedding photography for our clients, how are we different?  We offer something a bit different from the ‘normal’ inclusive packages most photography companies offer and have a couple of options available to our clients to keep things simple yet flexible- a separate photography creation fee and then album and product packages are a separate choice afterwards.  We offer half or full day photography and then afterwards our clients can choose from our awesome Graphistudio albums and books (hand made and with a vast range of covers and options to tailor something specific and unique to you) and also from an extensive range of wall hanging options.  There is so much to think about prior to a wedding and with our method, you also have something to look forward to chatting about as we relive your wedding day through the Collection we create for you.  New for this year and introduced for our 2018 and onward wedding clients, we have added in a couple more wedding options; if you’re reading this, you may well follow up (or we will a least) with a request for prices & different options available, so all will be explained.

We welcome questions, we know what we’re talking about with photography and weddings and we are lucky to be positioned as wedding experts in our field of expertise.  We have been in the creative wedding trade for 27 years and have had the privilege of shooting hundreds (have probably hit the 1000 mark by now!) of weddings in all sorts of conditions and places, so we will have an answer to most related questions you may have.  We have also met many suppliers over the years and can recommend various other services if unsure (we have a ‘Supplier Corner’ here at HQ with trusted suppliers we recommend).  We also post up wedding tips and advice on our FaceBook business page click here as we do with our blog posts from time-to-time.

It is always easier to talk to couples face-to-face to explain why/how/what/awesome etc. so if this interests you or you like our portfolio and just wish to have a chat to clarify stuff, we would love to get together to have a chat and see if our way is for you.  If you are comparing us to others who offer complete packages it is also easier with face time to offer up comparisons as to what we would be if you had a+b+c in different combinations.

We are truly passionate about the wedding industry and constantly strive to push wedding photography onward and upward.  We would love the opportunity to chat about this, the above, and our relaxed and natural method to shooting a wedding.  Some say quirky, but we simply describe our style as relaxed and fun with a touch of finesse and style that creates a timeless collection.  It’s all about the memories man…

If you haven’t yet checked out our wedding portfolio gallery, you can click on the portfolio tab or click here for a direct route.

Thank you for your time, we always appreciate it..